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Thread: Glitch in Aviary

Glitch in Aviary

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    Originally Posted by mathadawg

    This glitch just happened to me today. If you die after having killed the guy in the tower, the control henchman or whatever he's called, it will load up a checkpoint where you are in the tower. Only one of the four remaining guards will appear. If you kill him, the game does not continue. The hostages can't be saved, and there are no enemies to kill in order to save them. Can someone please inform me on how to contact Edios about this issue? Is there any way that I can revert to an ealier save (I'm going to assume no, considering that the game autosaves). Any help is apreciated, cause right now it feels like I wasted $50. Considering that even if I replay the 5 hours it took me to get to that point in the game, if I die at the same spot, then I'll have to redo it again. Every single little bit of help is appreciated.
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    I've already contacted Eidos, so I'll just wait and see what they say. I know about the fingerprint trail, it leads you to a control panel thing that allows you to lower the hostages. However, the game won't let you do that (lower the hostages), because you only killed one of four guards. There are no more guards to kill, but you need to kill three more. Untill then, you can't lower the hostages. So, I need to kill three non-existant guards. I'm hoping that Eidos support can help me out here.

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    A little off topic but:

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    Sorry to break it to you guys, but it looks like you will have to start over.

    I didn't have a problem like this but I quit playing after I failed several times on the two titans in the botanical gardens. I turned it off for the night, I come back in the morning and my save is gone.

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    yeah, I already started a new playthrough, because I wanted to play through on hard anyway. Guess I'll just start my second playthrough a little early.

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    I suppose everyone has tried reloading the last checkpoint on save menu?

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    Unfortunately I'm also a victim of this glitch. Please, Eidos, please fix this. I'm not going to restart because there's no way to guarantee that the glitch doesn't happen again.

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    This has just happened to me on the PC. Has there been a fix yet?

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