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Thread: Can't play LoK: Defiance

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    Unhappy Can't play LoK: Defiance

    I used to have this game for my Xbox.

    I loved it, but one unfortunate day I had brought my case of all Xbox games to the mall, to trade some of them in at GameStop, and this case was stolen from me

    I no longer have an Xbox or PS2, so I decided to buy it for PC recently.


    "Critical Failure!

    Graphics adapter with required features not available"

    On my PC's, one has 256MB gfx memory, the other has 128MB. (Problem persists on both)

    It is to my understanding that this requires only 64MB; correct?

    One PC has XP the other has Windows 7

    PLEASE help!! I am craving this game, I have ALL the others for PSX and PC... Just missing this one (I never even finished it!!!!)


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    Post a DXDIAG report.

    -Click on Start (or Super or whatever it's called now)
    -Select Run
    -type this in without the quotes, "dxdiag" then press Enter
    -once it's finished loading click on the Save All Information button
    -save the dxdiag.txt to your desktop or somewhere convenient for you
    -open up the dxdiag.txt and copy all of it's contents then paste it here in another post
    -from there I may be able to determine what's wrong with your PC
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