Thread: First Impressions! --- DEMO OUT NOW!

First Impressions! --- DEMO OUT NOW!

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    First Impressions! --- DEMO OUT NOW!

    Okay, so two people have given their review of the demo in another, slightly old thread, but I think they may be over-looked, so I'm going to start a new thread for people to write in!

    Here goes...this is what Twillÿ thinks.


    I had to wait until around 3:00am PST for stupid Microsoft to put it up on Xbox Live. Let me say, it was well worth the wait.

    I don't really know where to start! This demo was everything I'd hoped it be, covered in sprinkles and awesomeness to boot. Immediately taking control of Hiro, I fell in love. The controls are simplistic, easy to learn and well-mapped, in my opinion. What's the first thing I did, you ask? Picked a flower, ran down a path, became a chicken! Taking control of animals in this game is amusing and pretty fun. Somehow I produced a huge smile taking control of a rabbit and trying to sneak past guardsmen, laughing as they stumbled over one another in an attempt to capture me!

    The comedy in this game is childlike and genuine. For instance, I was stealthing behind two patrolling samurai who were marching ridiculously, (arms straight out and down again like an old wind-up toy) and they were chanting something that just added something funny to the moment.

    Let's talk now about graphics. Needless to say, this game looks incredible. I am a huge fan of cel-shading and this game used it to its advantage. The environments are gorgeous, the player models and NPCs are unique and nothing like I've ever seen and add that extra touch of creativity to this title. From the water, to the grass, to the sky and the huts, every bit of this game looks better than I could of imagined.

    The soundscapes in this game are inspiring and really set the mood of the levels. They gave me a real feel of what I would expect in a game with this type of setting and also took it a little further. I actually sat in the forest at a temple for a few mintues just enjoying the ambience. The stuff the samurai spout out are comedic and the noises your ninjas make are fitting and easily likeable. Not just some annoying and generic 'hi-ya', repeated over and over.

    The gameplay, is crisp. It's simple, its a little button-mashy, but that's to be expected in a game with an audience of this range. I do not agree with the two posters in the other thread, who stated that this game may be a bit of a challenge for younger people, as this game seemed fairly easy to me. Even from a childs' standpoint, I'm pretty sure they'd figure it out. I lost maybe one health heart the whole time. Running around with Hiro and his hat-shield, jumping and sword-slashing is a sure way to not die, or at least it worked for me. Although I mainly played as Hiro, I also tried out Futo and Suzume. Futo helped me beat the 'demo end-boss' with ease (Run up, hit him a few times, press 'A' when it asks, rinse, repeat, no sweat). Futo is large and strong, easily disposes enemies with his hammer. Suzume's flute AoE spell thing was fun to use on a large group I came across, but other than that, I mainly stayed with Hiro. I like the fact that you can run out of throwing weapons, which you can find/buy along your journey as I found out. Some other weapons consisted of smoke bombs, pepper bombs, a timed bomb and various other things. Needless to say, we're going to have options when deciding on how to approach various situations!

    The gameplay also introduced a number of spells Hiro could use, fireball and lightning storms being amongst them! Using the spells is easy and enemies slow down a bit as you are choosing the direction in which some spells will go. That helps a heap, but doesn't feel like too much of a handicap for lesser skilled gamers. Another spell, which I used to control the chicken, can be used on ANY animal you come in contact with. Well, at least that I noticed. I took control of a chicken, a frog, a rabbit, a fox, a panda bear, a brown bear and a boar. The latter 3 can be used offensively and add yet another interested mix to the choices you can make on how to approach combat situations. Or if you're like me you just think it's cool exploring as a panda!

    What else? Hmm....oh yes.....

    THE HAT! Okay, so pretty much the hat is my favorite thing in this game. It's a boat, it's a shield, you can fish from it....yeah that's right, you can float along the stream and catch Koi fish to make into sushi! Pure awesome, I think. Not to mention white water rafting! Oh yeah, loads of surprises with that hat. <3 And of course, one concern I had was wall jumping and running. What kind of ninja game wouldn't have that? A crazy one, that's who. Wall-climbing and jumping is definitely in, which is as simplistic to use as the stealth, which is an easy thing to do as well!

    All in all, I am so excited for this game and I will definitely be buying it on release day. I hope my ranting may excite you more and cause you to run across the room, turn on your system and download this demo! (If you already haven't, of course.) There are just so many things to love about this game and I am glad someone thought this up. Kudos to you, Mini Ninjas braincloud maker!

    Hope you guys have as much fun playing as I did. I'll be playing the demo many more times through!

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    Good you liked it. I'm playing it the third day, and can't enjoy it I want more...

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    Good to know, now I got to wait until tomorrow.

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    Originally Posted by Acid Burn
    Good you liked it. I'm playing it the third day, and can't enjoy it I want more...
    Oh yes, I want more as well, much more....haha. I did not like it though, I LOVED it! (If you couldn't tell from the lengthy review) lol.

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    I want to try this out now.....

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    Well I just downloaded and played the PS3 version of the demo. It really is cool!

    Downloading and installing went without a hitch as you'd expect. I didn't experience any framerate or technical issues that some others have mentioned with the PC version.

    The game looks fantastic on the big screen. Playing the game was just as fun as I thought it would be and I think IOI has done a really great job of balancing staight forward hack'n'slash action with the almost RPGish collection of ingredients for mixing spells and levelling up. I think there's something in this game for everyone as I'd imagine you could get through the whole game by simply mashing the attack button or you can become a kuji master using the right special skills at the right time.

    I played the demo on hard and thought that was a pretty good level, but a higher difficulty setting might have been nice - then again I'm sure the demo isn't the most challenging part of the full game, hehe. I only died once while I was trying to figure out how to use the fireball spell.

    Hiro's run animation is totally adorable!

    It takes some real skill to be able to aim shuriken in real time while dodging enemy attacks.

    The music is very nice and gives a great authentic feel to the game. The tempo changes when action increases have been done very subtly and effectively so you really get immersed in the game.

    So Nick/Jonas you should take the dev team out and buy them some beers from me! I think they've earned it. I just have to wait until September 11... *sigh*

    EDIT: I forgot to mention that the devs have done a really good job of making environmental object go transparent when they're obscuring the camera's view. That was actually my biggest fear going into this since Tomb Raider did such a poor job of handling bad camera angles - but the MN team are obviously of higher calibre (as it should be)

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    I played it for the third time today and so far each time I have figured out something new that you can do in it. I had no idea until today that you could run up and across walls I love it the art style is great and gameplay is awesome.

    awesome demo and awesome game imo. Love all of the ninjitsu things you can do and the best part of it is sneaking around in the grass........I LOVE THAT. I won't buy it because I have other more important games coming out that I want but I will definitely rent it for sure.

    EIDOS have pull another great game out of the bag. Its the little things that make this game great like the HAT, FISHING LMAO and collecting flowers and items that can be used with your special moves and replenishing your health its just a feel good game that makes you enjoy gaming to its fullest.

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    yeah the demo was awesome a little to short for me but what do u expect its a demo lolz D:

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    I signed up on the forums just for Mini Ninjas! I really loved the demo, minus the fact that I have that damn stuttering. But the demo is so good I could play through it. One thing I'm worried about is difficulty. I know it's for 7 years and up or something like that, but the hard was just as easy as the default mode. Hopefully, there will be a Brutal Mode or something to up the ante. As a side note, I didn't like that I had to use Futo to beat the Big Boss Man. I wish that, in order to encourage you to use Futo, the fight was easier, but if you were to use Hiro or Suzume, then you had to be a little more clever, with smoke bombs, shuriken, whatever. Also, why can't I power attack the boss?
    Now that the bad's out of the way let's talk about the awesome.
    Graphically, I don't think it could be any better. It's simple, clean, and vibrant. The models are beautiful and the level design is pleasing all the way through. It wasn't repetitive. Yay! The character designs are perfect. You automatically know everything about each character by the way they're designed, so there's an immediate emotional bond from the start.
    There are so many tiny things ,hat fishing, spirit form, sneaking, that just make this game one big bunch of awesomeness. I played it through a second time today, just trying different ways of doing things. I absolutely love Suzume's power attack. Put the boys to sleep and then take em down with one hit! BOO YAH!
    Oh, about the sneaking. I love that if you sneak, you can't be seen. No light meter or anything like that. Why would you need one really? A ninja is supposed to be sneaky, so if they don't want to be seen, they shouldn't be seen. Awesome job on that.
    So will I buy this game when it comes out? Probably. I'll wait for some reviews first, to make sure that it's polished enough that it's worth getting. If it isn't up to snuff (and long enough for that matter) then I really don't think so.
    I truly hope Mini Ninjas lives up to its potential.

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    Heh, downloaded the PS3 demo because of the video released a while a go and in all honesty can't say I'm disappointed.

    Will definately be pre-ordering this now!

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    Its a pretty good game. May pick it up later.

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    I loved the demo. I don't think I'm going to preorder but I will be buying this game.
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    A bit late but never-the-less its worth posting :


    Art style is gorgeous and the vibrant colours really look good. This game would be a great Pixar/Dreamworks movie . However I was slightly disappointed with the level of detail as the game looked more like a Wii game. . I would expect IOI to have put in extra options for the PC version but I was wrong. Oh well.

    Music, Sounds, Voice Acting

    Well done!! I was a bit worried since Jesper wasn't doing the soundtrack but the music was really good. Voice acting was bad though. Seriously. The old man in the trailer sounds completely different in the game and its obvious the Japanese accents are rubbish. The only real let down.


    Hiro looks great running around, just so adorable and all the animations for the other characters and animals are superb! Well done IOI!


    Excellent. Open-world, loads of variety, fun and challenging! Nothing more I could ask for .

    Overall I'd give the game a 8/10. Will be buying it for PC as I tried the PC Demo.

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    Just got the demo today. Very good and will be buying the full game.

    The game is quit nice in HD (especially character models and colours).

    Trying to collect all items in the level was actually fun, due to the good level design and nice atmosphere.

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    Excellent. My son wants this game, so I will definitely be buying it based on the demo.
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    You know what's amazing about this game and demo? The fact that they've stuffed in all these mechanics so you can play however you want:

    1. Change into 3 characters. If you change into the girl, her idle animation is her singing a song with her flute!

    2. Spirit-jack animals. This I used A LOT for stealth, when grass wasn't there. The care and attention put into each animals is unexpected; like the chicken squawking if you press the jump button!

    3. Fishing! I had no idea this was in here. Very Zelda-esque.

    4. Finding plants and flowers. Now, I couldn't make ingredients yet, but I'm excited about it in the full game.

    5. Hidden magic shrines. Using the butterflies to locate them, and find a completely new part of the world when you're rowing in the water and go through waterfalls into a very secluded area. It was exploration for the win!

    6. The charged-up power attack was very cool, made me feel like a badass ninja. I even leveled it up to 3.

    7. Doing the fetch quest for the crow, so he gives you 3 power attacks! Very handy in the battles where you want to surprise them.

    8. Going from stealth to combat to stealth was very easy and intuitive. I'm a very stealthy gamer, and I'm glad the game's AI allows for such a playstyle where you can do surprise attacks on enemies.

    9. Surprise attacks! Stealth one-hit kills, Fireballs, lightning, the power attack, Fujo's big roll, pepper bombs, caltrops. I used them all in different situations, like the caltrops I used in the place where the boar is. Pepper bombs are excellent if you want a whole area affected, so whenever new samurai arrive there, they'll be stunned. It's kind of like a temporary mine XD

    10. Open world. The demo is huge, I probably spent 90 minutes with it. Exploring every nook and cranny. Like the hidden magic shrines. Like the part where you do WALL-JUMPING.

    In conclusion, there are so many mechanics here to get into that add to the variety of the game. It's IO Interactive going back to their Hitman roots of having many mechanics to allow choice to the player. And the gorgeous art style never gets me bored. This game has personality and charm, that is absent in most AAA blockbuster titles. It reminds of me the last-gen PS2 era of action-adventure games like Jak, Ratchet, Spyro, etc.

    The problem with most "core" gamers and this game would be: it looks KIDDY. Yes, kiddy in terms of art style and lack of gratuitous violence or sex or gore. But NOT KIDDY in terms of gameplay and depth. Heck, this game has more depth than all the other popular action adventure games like God of War. I'm amazed how much attention to detail IO has put in this game, considering everyone is just clamoring for Hitman 5 or just sequels to their other great franchises.