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Thread: the story thread :D

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    and started to bore both the octopus and proto nephilim to death with his random jibba jabba.....

    then amanda burst out from sewer cover in the street and strangled allister till her was purple and he ripped one. causing the entire block to explode...
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    into a fit of laughter along with amanda, and the embarssed allister ran the street shouting .....
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    "Sometimes i like to sit on the washer and tickle my ears!!!!"
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    wen alister shouted this he was runnin by lara and her dopple who looked at each other when the dopple asked 'do you really work with him?' when lara replied
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    "Sadly, yes. And sometimes i don't benefit from his presence because he likes to try on my bras". the dopple just stared at her weirdly when...
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    the sun suddenly became eclipsed by a giant spaceship then over the speakers came Bah-weep-Graaaaagnah wheep ni ni bong.
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    as Lara and Dopple stared in horror at the spacecraft, they saw that Anaya was in fact the leader of the ship. she fired fireballs at Lara and...
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    Began to sing Boom boom pow like a mad woman...

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    Lara ran out of the way, and the fireballs hit dopple. as her life began to fade, she looked at lara and screamed "I LOVE CORN DOGS!!!" she then...
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    performed a backwards somersault, killing herself by breaking her neck...

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    Lara screamed in anguish whilst a giant shark erupted from a beach nearby and swallowed and entire building. Lara got to her feet and...
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    if you dont like tomb raider, look away from the screen then.

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    however amanda arrived and revived her of life and they started playing with each other's barbies
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    lara and amanda were shrunk down to babies and amanda offered lara her corn dog that she had so rightly bought from a stall in the mall, however lara said 'NO! I want my mummy.'...

    (i know about corn dogs because i read books by american authors and i watch tv. ... i dunno what they taste like though).
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    2 days previous larson had invaded laras house and ....
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    stole lara's teddy bear collection she had hidden in........
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    Zips pillow
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    Which was on fire!!!
    if you dont like tomb raider, look away from the screen then.

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    Lara threw up zips body because he was so disgusting while...
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    she died (lol)
    if you dont like tomb raider, look away from the screen then.

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    Amanda revived her, shouting,"Why do you keep dying!!!" to...
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  23. #48 is your birthday Lara!!!! to cut your cake you have to...
    if you dont like tomb raider, look away from the screen then.

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    4,673 ALIVE for a start, duuh!!!!

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    All of a sudden, the tv turned on to the news channel and the reporter said 'there has been a zombie apocalypse! Lock all windows and doors!' Amanda and lara heard a grunting and moaning outside the room and banging on the door....
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