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Thread: Ventus, Terra, or Aqua: who's your favorite protagonist?

Ventus, Terra, or Aqua: who's your favorite protagonist?

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    Alright...if Sora DOES appear in smash brothers it would be epic and i would have to then buy a Wii U..... what about you?

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    I'd buy 'em both in a heartbeat, like I would do even if Sora wasn't in it. It's a smash bros game! You have to buy it!

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    Yeah true...**looks around at my videogame collection** heh I do own every smash brothers game to date!

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    Terra most def.

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    Ven is my favourite as he is ultimately the biggest connection between the three being the one the look out for and the one he looks up to. I believe it all ties in with him and he is impulsive and does what he believes is best. A little naive though a great characterr overall.Though he is also quite easily the most damaged psychologically out of the three.

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    Originally Posted by Graceful Assassin

    Easy question!

    Aqua. I'm a big magic user and she was ideal :P

    Ventus cuz his storywaaa awesome. Plus he is balanced in both magic and in strength so he is better

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    Ventus is the most agile ideal for fighting big bosses

  8. i loved playing as ventus however my favorite character is aqua becuase i love using magic

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    Originally Posted by Bhalditar
    In KINGDOM HEARTS Birth by Sleep, you play as three different protagonists: Ventus, Terra, and Aqua -- ten years before the events of the original KINGDOM HEARTS. Each of these characters travels to the same worlds over the course of their narratives, but it's safe to say that their stories are quite different. So which of these three heroes is your favorte? Who was the most relatable? Who was the strongest? Who was the most fun to play?

    This is your soapbox. Have at it!
    to answer ur questions 1) all are relatable 2) Terra is my favourite and strongest btw poor terra have courage to throw that fiend off of ur soul 3) all are fun to play
    Square Enix you are my beloved company just keep going and impress us

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    Aqua for me, can't beat damage dealing cartwheels for a dodge move.

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    I love Aqua~ Even though she's hard to level up and master.

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