Thread: Ventus, Terra, or Aqua: who's your favorite protagonist?

Ventus, Terra, or Aqua: who's your favorite protagonist?

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    the game is basically improved versions of the whole series, even the handhelds, so there is a 50/50 chance we will see an english release

    but thats just my own opinion.

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    Ventus is my favorite. He relates to me the most and I love his commands. I like to personify myself with the wind and speed, which Ventus excels at. He is basically a superhero, better version of me.

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    yeah i know.....

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    in an IGN video on the new kingdom hearts game, I did hear them say that the game will feature the final mix versions of the game series

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    old news... it will have Kingdom hearts final mix, Re:chain of memories and KH 358/2 days done as a movie

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    i thought there would be gameplay in 358/2 days

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    Nope cutsceens.... and the non-verbal text will be done in audio too so those are included its probly the closet we get to a KH movie

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    Originally Posted by EdwardKeyblader
    Nope cutsceens.... and the non-verbal text will be done in audio too so those are included its probly the closet we get to a KH movie
    check out the general discussion thread the Admin for the site posted a good letter

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    really loved ventus for his speed but liked aqua's story

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    Vanitas was my favorite protagonist BY FAR.

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    Vanitas was a Antagonist....a sad one who should be brought back

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    Ven is epic! fight with him!

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    I found Ven to be the Fastest and most balanced.... Aqua was uber weak to start with but in the later game She kicks butts so hard they pop out the other side... Terra is the Strongest but slower then a turtle..

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    Vanitas is most certainly a protagonist. I have no doubt in my mind that Vanitas is coming back and will change sides and it will be awesome. And nah he and Ven are pretty evenly matched, I'd say Ven only beat him because Vanitas was fighting Aqua and Mickey at the same time.

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    really? I see Vanitas Making his own path neither for Xehannort nor the good guys...

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    I'd say at least he and Ventus are gonna team up and take some vengeance on Master Xehanort. And ugh I am soooo looking forward to him meeting Sora and Roxas!

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    heh i wouldnt be surprised if VANITAS attacked Roxas thinking he is Ven

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    One.Ventus is the best and is so cool. Sad he almost dies. But they also should of put him in any of the other games. He kind of did with Roxas but not the same.

    2.Roxas is gone inside Sora. So Vanitas cannot attack Roxas unless he is released again. Then Vanitas also might think that Sora is a copy of him and attack him though.

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    I just really want a 4-Way Sora vs Sora vs Sora vs Sora battle royale... Is that so much to ask?

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    1. Roxas and Namine and Xion are among those Sora needs to help so yes they will return....

    2. Smash brothers man.... I been hearing rumors that Sora will be in it

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    I would absolutley love sora to be in a smash bros game. What do you think his attacks would be?

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    *Sniff Sniff* it brings tears to my eyes that there are more people other than myself that adore what Aqua had to offer. All my friends that played didn't like her but damn, that cartwheel and barrier block was inconceivable. I played her playthrough about 3 times now on the hardest difficulty most recently and wow, I still enjoy her play style.

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    Aqua was awesome. I didn't appreciate her too much until the end, but yeah I loved Barrier and Renewal Barrier, and the Cartwheel was amazing. I'm about to start a Level 1 playthrough, it's gonna be rough!

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    Nope Aqua once trained up was indeed the most powerful there it just sucked in the start but im the kinda guy willing to wait to see what good qualities a lady brings later on.... lol

    AS for Sora's smash brother moves im thinking his smash attacks would be

    B: Oblivion's charge attack

    Down B: Barrier that shatters on impact doing damage to those around sora

    Over B: Strikeraid

    Up B: A dive up with peter pans sparkly dust allowing Sora to glide for a few moment

    Smash attack: Oathkeeper & Oblivions Demise...A multi hit combo like how he finished off Xenmas

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    Aqua was definitely the best, but I'd say Ven had the coolest signature commands, final boss fight, and story. I hate Terra. I'm still trying to beat the Mysterious Figure with him on Critical Mode. I can beat him Aqua and Ven no problem, and even Terra on Proud, but not Terra on Critical, no matter how hard I try!

    As for Sora's smash moves..

    A - Sora's basic keyblade combo.

    -> A - Strike Raid

    ^ A - Blitz

    v A - Shock Impact/Explosion

    B - Blizzaga

    -> B - Firaga

    ^ B - Collision Magnet

    v B - Reflega/Thundaga/Aeroga

    Final Smash - Nightmare's End

    And obviously, he can jump, dodge roll, aerial dodge, and glide.

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