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Thread: How often do you replay the classics?

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    I got back into TR1 gold last year and had a blast, though I’ve been unable to get tr2 and 3 gold to run. Haven’t played TR 4-5 or AOD for ages though maybe I’ll pull them out and see what I can do. As for the new gen games, I have never gotten Legend to run but have enjoyed Anniversary and Underworld several times this past year. Back to working on legend.

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    I play the classics all the time. Mostly TR2-5. They were in my opinion the best. I think the recent games have lost the whole basis that the old games were set upon.
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    My favorite list is:
    tr anniversary

    my fav part of the 2nd one is how you can lock Winston in the freezer it so funny because his arms, face and legs stick out of the freezer!

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    i do tend 2 play my classics but i do play TRU and TRL alot But i play my classics about once a month somthing like that.

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    I usually play the classics more than the ones from Crys. Dy. , since I've lost the TR feeling in them. I don't remember the exact number, but I know I've replayed the 1st and the 4th quite a lot, also AoD . Although it gets much hate, it's my favorite game.

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    I am replaying all the classics at the moment. I think they offer better gameplay than the next gen. Apart from TR Anniversary which was derived from TR1 anyway. I notice one huge difference...the newer games take longer to get to the next puzzle or section, even though gameplay time is shorter. The older games offer more puzzles, challenges and fights in a shorter space and the puzzles are less repetitive with superior camera controls for Lara.

    Though, I am still a big fan of the next gen TR games.

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    I replay them all the time, right now I'm replaying Chronicles and I realize how many games today might as well just be movies in comparison with the classics. I love TombRaider and the originals will always be my favorites. I love playing them on my ps1 in the dark with a good cold pop and my comforter wrapped much like a parka around myself while having it turned up excessively loud. Good times, good times.

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    Quote Originally Posted by looterofartifacts View Post
    I love playing them on my ps1 in the dark with a good cold pop and my comforter wrapped much like a parka around myself while having it turned up excessively loud. Good times, good times.
    Love it I always have a blanket wrapped around myself with a bowl of chips or a plate of nachos and pepsi

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    I'm playing Tomb Raider 1 right now, I just entered the Colosseum level. =) I play them often. Probably more than the modern games.

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    About once every year I think, and every time I feel something special when I play them, something I just can't find in the modern games :/

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    love replaying the classics!!!! Iv been playing Angel of Darkness lately (the best dang 1!!) and i so wana create a sequel to it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and Kurtis is sooooo not dead!!!!!!
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    i actually thought Winston from TR3 was pretty creepy. but i replay TR1 all the time! especially Natlas mines.
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    I only play the old games. I played the newer ones, and just could not get into them. I constantly replay 2 as it is my favorite one.

    I do miss the good old days, of sitting there with my snacks, soda, and looking up at the clock seeing it was 2 in the morning, and I had started at 6 in the evening!

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    TR 1-5 still have a very special place in my heart. I have wonderful memories of playing them the fist time around. It is great to see that people are still enjoying these fantastic games & keeping Classic TR alive!

    There have been some great games in recent years, but a single sceenshot from one of the TR classics evoke such better memories. Take a look, I just want to dive right back in

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