Thread: FFVII Purchasing Problems

FFVII Purchasing Problems

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    That's what happened to me as well after several fails in checks.

    - Noob tip one: Why would you even ask us to send our Square Enix account password to an unsecured site called Seriously?

    - Buy a game from Square Enix

    - Get mail from Digital River in Europe

    - handle the transaction with another site that might belong to Square Enix, maybe Digital River, maybe some guy with a home server?

    Every time they screw up you look stupid. Get a real financial holder, SquEnix.


    Thank you for using our online form for your customer service needs.

    Here is the password you requested:

    If you have any further questions, please contact us at </password_based_on_order>


    Customer Service


    You seeing the problem yet, Sq-Enix?

    It doesn't know our password.

    Further update:

    It's something on your end too because I ordered Tera Online through EME and they use digital river too. Never had a problem with them.

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    I live in Thailand.

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    Right now the best advice would be, don't.

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    Almost same here. I bought 2 days ago and I still don't even get the download link on my order page. I have contacted and they say it may take time! So, I buy a digital download, my card is charged immediately, and I have to wait ???? for the download.......that's not what I had in mind.

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    Im having the same problem... just bought FF7 and the email says i can download it by following link, inputting my order number and password, and clicking on the download image. There is no download image. only ff7 in my list of purchased titles. it lists ff7, the price, the quantity (1 duh) and says processing serial number/registration code or something like that. I waited a few hrs figuring maybe its processing my card or something but it hasnt changed and i cant find a link to download the game anywhere. please help me asap, such a tease to think i'd be able to play this game and hrs after i paid for it i still cant even download it. i will cancel my order if i cant find resolution quickly. if im missing the obvious link to download the game then i apologize but i looked everywhere, checked my email several times and can't find it so whats up??

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    I would like to remind you that there is a search function in the upper right corner of this page. It can't be overused.

    You can continue your discussion in the following forum:

    [FINAL FANTASY VII PC Technical Issues and Support Forum]

    You could also request this thread to be moved to said forum by reporting it to the administrators.

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    Originally Posted by imported_Josh

    I am having the same issue, when it shows you a link right after purchase with all of your serial information there is a download link but I cant seem to manage to get back to it


    You can check your email and go through the order lookup process and it will show you a download link

    just go:


    enter order number and password to your se account and tada </pre>

    This is wrong. I went to the website and logged in and still can't see the Downloads.

    What's the time frame on recieving the CD-Key?

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    its been 54 hours since I bought it, I stil cant download, so I bought it again, that didnt work, I contacted square twice, and they blew me off, I feel very disenfranchised. If anyone has a phone number for REAL customer support that would be epic.

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    I enter all my credit card info and everything and when i get to the last screen with the sumbit button, it will say unexpected error, please try again. ive tried many times and it still wont work. my internet is working, credit card is good, it just wont connect to the store after i submit my purchase. what the heck is wrong? please help

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    if you are getting a grey blank screen with the website header than you are not using a payment they accept. I must be a actual credit card not a bank debit card. I know they are the same basiclly but square doesn't.

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    I used Visa Electron and it worked fine, and everybody knows that Electron is not a credit card.

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    I purchased FF7 via credit card one week ago. There is no email or any other information come up.
    What shall I do, Please help

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    After you made your purchase, did the browser forwarded to error message? If so, call/email to customer service. Otherwise it should have given you a link to download. Many people have experienced this issue and it sucks that square has not done it's job properly with its online shop.

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    I have the same issue. I purchased last week and have recieved no email or anything, just money taken from bank account. What is the number for customer service?? or email?? I can't seem to find anything helpful.


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    There is the thread with links to support.

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    thank you guys, I've submit a ticket in SQUARE ENIX Support Center. Waiting for reply. Hope it works.

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    Hello Whogie,

    Our apologies for the late reply in regards to your thread. Did you eventually receive the e-mail in order to obtain your free copy of FINAL FANTSY VII? Please let us know either way, and if you still haven't managed to get a resolution for this issue we'll get that taken care of as soon as possible.


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    Does anyone know how I could view the Billing Information from my recent purchase of Final Fantasy VII?? I purchased a digital download, but did not receive Billing Information in an e-mail. Any and all help would be appreciated.

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    I did not get an email.

    Fortunately I discovered my old pre-release key worked.

    That said, I don't believe I have a record of it on (I believe this is where purchase history is.)

    Thank you.

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    Hello all,

    For those of you who never got your confirmation email and still need assistance,you are invited to call us at 310-846-0345(option 3) for further assistance. Bear in mind that we are open 9AM-6PM PST Monday-Friday.


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    Payment Authorization Failed Can't buy Final Fantasy 7

    Payment Authorization Failed Can't buy Final Fantasy 7 Payment Authorization Failed Can't buy Final Fantasy 7 Payment Authorization Failed Can't buy Final Fantasy 7 Payment Authorization Failed Can't buy Final Fantasy 7.

    Is anyone else gettin this problem and does anyone have any clue on how to fix it? It's not on my end (of course).

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    Originally Posted by Amras14
    I as well bought this game and have not got any email yet. What is going on with this?
    I'm having problems as well - I purchased two copies, and while I got product keys and a confirmation email, I can't log in to the findmyorder site to download my game! I get the following error:


    We are currently unable to perform the selected action. Please accept our apologies for this inconvenience. We have been notified and are already working to correct this issue as quickly as possible. Please click your browser's back button and try this action at a later time, or take a different action.</pre>

    Error Number: SYS_000001</pre>

    I did find out that Square-Enix uses a company called Digital River to operate their online store, and handle the licensing and distribution. The site is part of their system.

    I've tried contacting Digital River support, they tell me to contact Square-Enix. I open a ticket with Square-Enix, they tell me to contact Digital River.

    I'm tempted to dispute the charges with my bank. Will someone at Square-Enix please look into this? I really would like to play FF7 again, and I'm willing to pay for it! Don't make me resort to pirating! :P

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    I also purchased the game 3 days ago and still have recieved no email, nothing... sent an email sunday morning asking for help and today I recieve an automated response telling me to wait two more days... I have already tried and it says "your order number was not found" Yet my bank account says POS DEBIT DRI*SQUARE ENIX.COM ORDERFIND.CO MN <a></a>$13.02 .

    I've never had a problem like this before with lack of support.

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    I'm having the same problem. Which is quite bizarre because this is the first time I've had it with any retail site as I can use my same card on amazon or other digital game download places like steam just fine.

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    Can't buy FF7 PC in SE store. GRRRR

    So I live in the US and I'm trying my damndest to buy this game (and have been since it's been re-released) for my PC from the SE store and I keep getting the message, "We're sorry. The payment method selected is not available for your location. Please select another payment method."


    Since when has Visa not been accepted in the US? This is the first and only time I've ran into something like this. I contacted SE support for assistance and they weren't helpful at all. I'm starting to think they only have a "support" group just to have one.

    Anyways, has anyone else run into this? And if so, how did you resolve this and get your damn game? And if this is an "end-user" mistake, please let me know what I need to do to fix this.


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