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Thread: Game: What song?

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    Wink Game: What song?

    Hi folks! I had this idea for a muscial game, actually I used to play it with my friends.
    1. one person says a piece of the lyrics (2 or 3 lines), and somebody has to find out what song it is and the artist.
    2. Don't submit the chorus if it is too obvious.
    3. Due to the variety of nacionalitis of the members of this forum, please submit songs ans artists well known worldwide.
    4. And don't search the lyrics in a lyrics site to find out the song. Making use of your head makes the games much more harder and funny.

    I'll submit the first set of lyrics, wich i think it is a bit obvious (or maybe not!)

    He's licking his lips, he´s ready to win
    On the hunt tonighto for love at first sting.

    Have Fun!

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    Good game.

    I have no idea what it is.

    And why is this in Tomb Raider - General Discussion?
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    Good question.....

    since you are the first to post Mr Croft, i''l give you a lil help
    This song is played by agerman band that had perfommed in Portugal recently

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    ????????? Never heard of them! Is it an international song recently or old because i don't think i heard it! Um... let's keep it here coz half the games on the forums here don't even relate to tomb raider! this'll be gr8 fun!
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    ever heard of them either! Thought they were meant to be well know Twinpistols lol
    It's been a long time since a came around, been a long time but I'm back in town.

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    It is an old song, but it is a classic, so I think people can still figure it out. Please, forgive my old school tastes!

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    is it called 'rock you like a hurricane'? i might have heard it.... i don't know if that is right? is it? Is it by 'The Scorpions'?
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    You got it right! I left a clue to those who know
    Scorpions, cause the lyrics refer to their album Love at First Sting.
    It's you turn, tombraidergal!

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    Ohhh! YEY! This one will be soooo easy!

    'Nothing compares too,
    The quiet evening alone,'

    It's quite easy... an american band. I love their songs so much!
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    I don't have the foggiest about the song.

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    nope... all though i do like evanescence... it's not them though.
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    Give us a tip about the song! Now i'm curious.

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    it's rock/emo i think.... the band used to contain a popular female singer who has kind of gone down the road and into the trash can in popularity recently. XD
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    That would be from paramore, crushcrushcrush......ironically have the cd playing now lol
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    I know a lot about Rock but don't ask me about emo music, I'm ignorant in that aspect.

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    yes! Black_Alchemist! it's your go.. i was going to buy the paramore album riot yesterday but i put it back and decided not to because my two fave songs are on guitar hero and one of the songs is on my mobile.... so your turn!
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    Hmmm lets see...

    When you try you best but you don't succeed
    When get what you want but no wht you need

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    removed lyrics so doesn't get confusing lol
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    i meant black_Alchemists go twinpistols... oh, that's bad...
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    twinpistols can be the lyrics as they got there first lol
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    Is it The Right Time by the Corrs?

    Edit: Well that was for Black Alchemist but i'll have a go at twinpistols.. Fix you, Cold Play?
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    okay then next will be Black alchemists, sorry for my mess.

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    no harm done, just continue the game like normal i dont mind its more fun guessing anyways
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    who's go is it? both of you are saying it's each others and i guessed both!!!! I'M so CONFUDLED!
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    You are right trgal, black alchemist's turn now.

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