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Easter Eggs

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    Easter Eggs

    Did anyone found some interesting easter eggs in the game?
    Here's what i've found.
    Only 11 eggs. Did i miss something?

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    Whoa , can't believe i never saw that particular "Anti Microsoft's Windows Vista" ad ,lol ...

    Anywya ,here's from what i can remember ( some of them might not be exactly 'easter eggs' )...

    The Vaultbreaker and The Little Brother's character model resembles to that of Jens Peters Kurup's (the game director) face ...

    For some reason ,when you reach the scaffoldings in Trial ,you can hear church bell rings in the echo...

    The interesting thing about the Ten Bank Rules from Withdrawal is that Kane & Lynch precisely breaks all ten of them ...

    In The Mizuki ,when you got to the roof for the first time , you'll see that the checkpoint is titled "We're Dead Men" ,however,unlike every other checkpoint titles in the game,this line was never spoken by any characters in that chapter...

    In Breakout ,we learn that the Kane was looking for Tharpa,Riffic,Shelly,Grimley and Madsen ... The game's producer is called Hugh Grimley , the Lead Animator and also one of the script writers of the game is called Martin Madsen ...

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    Big Grin

    Some pictures from Riffic's cell (it's not Tharpa's cell) are artworks from Hitman Blood Money ...

    Also in Breakout , just like the bank rules , the short sentences displayed throughout the prison facility are almost all addressed to Lynch & Kane ...

    At the very end of Tokyo Street is yet another building (garage) with the number 47 on it ...

    The title of the chapter Freedom Fighter is a reference to ... Freedom Fighter , the third game made by IO Interactive , released in 2003 ...

    There is a 'goof' made at the end of El Capitol ...
    After the two masked members of the Seven are dead , Kane will walk up to one of the corpses and say "*F word here* Kid , Broke My Noes" , however , you can see that Kane was saying it to the corpse of the one who was wearing glasses , while in fact it's the other one who actually broke Kane's nose ...

    Well that's about it , the rest i can think of is just some other trivia , in fact i think half of what i said are trivias and not by definition , an 'easter egg' ...

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    Thank you, gnrGrievous. I'll update the list soon with your notes.

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    I find Kane's The7-tattoo is on his right wrist . You can see it in 'Impact' and 'Trial' and his left wrist has nothing.

    But start in 'Freedom Fighters' and after chapters , Kane's The7-tattoo is on his left wrist and His right wrist has a wrist band.

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    In Hitman Blood Money... on the wine vineyard level, there is concept art for the Capitol levels in the room. At least I think it's the capitol level, I haven't played Blood Money in a long time.

    It never clicked until I actually played Kane & Lynch much later, but yeah.
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    That would be "A Vintage Year" level , there was an artwork for Cuba and another was for Retomoto's board room ...

    Blood Money had quite a few references to Kane & Lynch , but it's up to Acid Burn to decide if easter eggs from other games counts or not ...

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    Just remembered something , it's another reference to the game " Freedom Fighter " ...

    On the chapter El Capitol , Rific got his hand on a tank , it was destroyed by a couple of enemy missiles after a short appearance ...
    It's a reference to Freedom Fighter due to several similarities ...

    I ... In Freedom Fighter there was also a tank which appeared near the end of the game ...
    II ... That tank was also destroyed after a couple of your rpg missiles ...
    III ... In both games , the tank only appeared once (not counting those who acts as art decoration) ...

    That or it was a coincidence ...

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    we should make a list of what the achievements reference,

    The game came out with 47 acheivements (before Dope Bag) also the acheivement headmaster- (47 headshots) references Hitman

    Have Gun will travel is a reference to an old western tv show about a gun for hire
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    Thumbs Up

    Truth be told i think that's as far the achievement reference could get ...

    Except maybe " Sun Tzu " , who was the ancient warlord who wrote 'The Art of War' ...
    And perhaps " Damned if you do " and " Damned if you don't " ...
    The two achievement are for completing both endings and is an obvious reference to the expression of the same name , but like i said , the achievements are pretty explicit towards the game itself and not carrying much references to other material (with the exception of what you already said , naturally) ...

    This game's achievement's names are pretty original when compared to most other games , though the requirement aren't completely original , it's worth notting that IO Interactive did spend some time and effort making the list ...

    Oh and of course ...
    *insert typical "why no trophy patch for PS3 ?" crying rant here*

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    Pushblade symphony may be a reference to american heavy metal band switchblade symphony

    I think the achievement names are cool, like "iron flower" which you get for finishing the game on the hardest setting, it makes you think whats an iron flower? what the hell does that mean, cool huh

    also why didn't they update the ps3 version with trophies?
    And why no Dope bag for the pc version?
    I hope they're a bit more on top of things for Dog Days
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    There are only few PS3 achievements in Fragile Alliance

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    " There are only few PS3 achievements in Fragile Alliance "
    Excuse me what ?

    Anywya ...
    Just remembered something , again ...
    There's at least two references to the film " Reservoir Dogs " ...
    In the first chapter Impact you're hold up in a coffee shop , and there was also a waitress who gets a special 'tip' ...
    Then in Fragile Alliance the traitor's name is marked as Orange , those who've seen the film would probably make the connection ...

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    Um... at least there are 19 achievements mentioned for Fragile Alliance in official Prima Guide.
    I got no PS3 so i can't check it

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    i might pick up a ps3 instead of renewing my gold subscription for live, because i need a bluray player, wifi, free online, plus the new slim model looks sexy as hell, also my 360 scratches my games disks (killed dead space and left4dead in 1 day) and sounds like a jet having sex with another jet in my living room (loud) anyway to bring this post back on topic i don't care that there are no achievements for the ps3 version cause i don't want to go through and get them all again, still suck that they wont update it with trophy support for those who only have the ps3 version, but at least ps3 owners got dope bag dlc, pc gamers kinda got a raw deal with that one.
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    I found a word "Revenge" on the two-sided of Kane's push dagger in game.

    and Lynch's Magnum is same with Hitman Blood Money .
    It's "Bull .480" you can see it on the side of the gun ,
    another side you can see some words :

    " Realy very big gun
    Dont point it my way
    or any way "

    i think "Have Gun, Will Travel" these achievements are told you Kane and Lynch will go to
    where .

    "Have Gun, Will Travel Part I" is told you they will go to Japan .
    "Part II" told you they go to Cuba and "Part III" prompt you to the jungles of Venezuela (you can see the achievement's picture is the Venezuela national flag) .

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    In Withdrawal (the third chapter) , the third guard that you have to kill before he raises the alarm can be heard whistling a small tune ... That tune he was whistling is the same as the Mall Music you hear in the Fragile Alliance map "Late night checkout" ...

    (Yeah i kind of thought that it isn't because i knew something from the beginning that means everyone noticed it as well , so i thought i might , you know , say it ... anywya ...)

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    Kane's nose bandage

    I noticed Kane's nose seems to heal up in Chapter 9 - Retomoto Tower
    There is no bandage on Kane's nose .

    But in Chapter 10 - Tokyo Streets , nose bandage shows up again.

    The interesting thing is the early game screenshots Kane still has nose bandage in Retomoto Tower.

    i wish IOI can buy back Kane & Lynch !