Hey all,

I know this forum hasn't been quite as busy as it used to be, however the forum rules still apply.

The one some of you need to re read is the following:

Rule #2: Do not post about or refer to warez, illegal software, or any product that promotes copyright infringement.

Do not link to illegal software, post about it, or suggesting getting it. Furthermore, we will not tolerate posts that encourage people to violate copy protection by referring them to sites that have copy protection codes publicized. Any such post that promotes or informs someone about any product that is in a violation of a copyright will be removed from our forums immediately, and the appropriate action will be taken against the violator's account.
I already had to delete some discussion about cracks earlier this week and now I had to delete a thread asking how and where to download the game!? This is still the official forum so I really don't know some of you thought it was a good idea to discuss this here.