View Poll Results: Which was the best storyline in TRU?

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  • Lara's quest to find her missing Mother

    12 12.12%
  • Natla's return and interactions between her and Lara

    4 4.04%
  • The story of a deadly Lara clone - The doppleganger

    37 37.37%
  • The hunt for Thor's hammer

    21 21.21%
  • I like them all equally

    25 25.25%
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Thread: Which was the best storyline in TRU?

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    The mother's story. Although I wasn't very fond of how it ended, the anticipation is the only thing that kept me playing the stupid wii version...

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    It's so hard to choose I don't know.. I suppose I like them all equally

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    I prefer the hunt for thor hammer to me it was more inline with the classic tomb raiders looking for some ancient artefact just for the fun of it

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    I like them all equally, though i didnt liked the doppleganger and Natla that much...

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    Got to be the doppleganger story. Lara having a equal rival was great. Just wish I had been able to play the DLC and get deeper into that part of the story.

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    After much tossing between Thor and Doppleganger, I chose Thor. The plot just seemed more well-thought-out and was more of the main idea for me that made me play the game to learn.

    But I love Doppelganger's story also. Just that Mjolnir is cooler.
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    I love her quest to find her mother... Legend was brilliant, in story and in gameplay... I love Underworld, but there are 2 things I don't like about it... Her mother becoming a thrall, and how they switched from King Arthur - Avalon, to Norse mythology - Helheim... because those two cannot be the same... I refuse to believe it...

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    My favorite part of the game is the hunting for Thor's hammer. I like how they connected the mythologies of different cultures. I like this Doppelganger thing too but it's not as good as the part i wrote above And finally Natla has died because i hate her

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    I like the storyline goes to Tomb Raider 1, because Natla's status after I complete Tomb Raider 1 is unknown, whether she's dead or not plus with that poor graphic on DOS mode..

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    I thought the Lara Vs Doppel was the brill thing of TRU.

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    for me, the quest for Thor's hammer was the best part of the seems to form the framework that everything else fits into. I know that the deal with Lara's mother is actually the big-picture motivation, but everything revolves around locating each piece of Thor's gear...that part could have easily been done on it's own, without the backstory of Lara's family issues. The doppel gets my second vote though
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    i really couldnt choose one of them... so i guess its a good thing the last option was there

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    The doppel story was the best. It was amazing to see Lara get such an equal rival.

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    Definitely the doppleganger's story. Sadly, I didn't get to play Lara's Shadow but I've seen some walkthroughs and cinematics. My opinion based on that, I love how we were given a deeper insight into this character, how it/she suddenly became someone much more human in a sense, not yet another rendition of the Bacon Lara.

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    Doppleganger was personally my favorite part of Underworld. I loved playing Lara's Shadow.

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    Doppelganger is well cool as a baddie and the conflict against an equally matched foe was griping.

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