Thread: Onion Knight job, who wants to help?

Onion Knight job, who wants to help?

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    I'm playing Final Fantasy III right now on the DS. Wondering if anyone wants to help me out on getting the Onion Knight job.

    This thread can also be for others who needs a helping hand with this as well.

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    I will help you Karina. I hope it's still not too late since the post has been made 2 weeks ago and nobody has replied. However, I will need your friend code to do so, mine is: 344002193651.

    As a reference, I've used this thread, so maybe you can help me too, contacting some of these people, I've tried and just got one reply...however, I think they're not dead

    I'm still fighting to contact all of them and the new ones who also needs help as well.

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    By the way, my e-mail is: Just to confirm that you've registered my Friend Code.

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    Oh thanks, but I've discover my DS doesn't want to connect to Wi-Fi anymore .

    If I get to work again somehow, I'll let you know!