Thread: Possible Lag/Latency tests?

Possible Lag/Latency tests?

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    Question Possible Lag/Latency tests?

    Is there any way of doing a latency test within game maybe to see if all packets are being sent/received. If there is any drop off due to connection or from the server to me, etc. etc.

    I have a crap BT Line that may/not be causing issues with my game playing and I want to know if this is the case or not. I will explain why: -

    When I play Human as any class it takes me about 5 times as many shots to hit a target than everyone else does, I miss a lot. My Accuracy for my Hunter is 25%, Alchamist 31% (yay for AOE), Scout 33% (Again AOE Stormbow) and Prophet 28%. My K//D Ratio is approx 1/3 but that's only because of my Hunter who is at 1/1.3

    When I play Vampire I can pounce right through a target, my Deveiver can strike straight through them, my Tyrant misses with every swipe and my Sentinal can pass right through people and still not manage to Abduct anything. I can compare this to the likes of things I see when playing. A Sentinal will pass right by me and pick me up as if there is a vacuum under it that sucks me in however whenI play Sentinal I can pass right through a player and not manage to pick them up.
    I have witnessed Vampires powering up for a large strike, I dodge and roll but still get hit by them however when I try this the other way around I miss every damn time!

    It has got to the point where I am under the suspicion that everyone playing this game has a aimbot but me. I am just not enjoying playing this game as much as I should be as I am a massive fan of it. I'm not a crap player I am far from the best. I say I should be able to land at least half the shots I am missing but for some reason I fail to hit anything at all.

    Now I don't like playing against high ping players (100+) I may suffer it but if I see anyone with a ping 150+ I leave. I have no chance in hell of landing a shot on them however I seem to be a sitting duck for anyone with a massive ping.

    I suspect that my connection may be causing issues and I would like to know what tests are in game, if there are any tests I can do out of game while the game is running or if there is anything else that may cause this kind of target missing other than my own lack of skill (like I said I am not a bad player just average or just above).

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    No help here then?

    I have noticed that the issue does not seem to be as bad in the mornings as it is in the evenings. The Nosgoth servers only run at 2% capacity so I don't think it is that. There must be a better way or a tool in game that can help measure your latency surely?

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    Originally Posted by Cristari
    No help here then?

    I have noticed that the issue does not seem to be as bad in the mornings as it is in the evenings. The Nosgoth servers only run at 2% capacity so I don't think it is that. There must be a better way or a tool in game that can help measure your latency surely?
    We don't have any in-game connection testing tools as you have asked, but the classic way to test your ping is to bring up your CMD window and then type PING [your IP]

    That will tell you what kind of connection you have at the moment. Whenever we have server issues (or planned outages/ tests) we let folks know ASAP.
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    It wouldn't generally be something that features in-game, other than running pings and traceroutes, you could use a speed tracking site like and see if your results differ, depending on time of day.

    If things are slower for you in the evening, my gut suspects a connection issue, as the servers aren't running at full load they should be the fine. I've run into that kind of issue myself on DSL connections, but doing some ping/speed tests at different times will help determine if that's the problem.
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    Originally Posted by Saikocat
    It wouldn't generally be something that features in-game [...]
    Stat Net for the network info. Like most other Unreal Engine games.
    Stat FPS would be the fps counter which has also been asked in the past.

    Sadly it is not available due the console being locked.
    (I still dont understand how a game can be marketed as competitive and deny users the console that they have been used to over almost 2 decades now. Hackers hack the game anyway, the vast majority of normal users gets screwed)

    Dear Devs, could you please at least make a toggle for FPS and net stats? Typically, F10 and F11 are used by many players.

    I mean net_graph 2 of source games is something I once actived and never turned off since then. It instantly shows you when things go wrong on your end and it is not the other guys fault to warp like Spock.

    Please make us at least a toggle for these 2 commands. Please.
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    To your point of doing badly against laggy players... I've been a victim of this sometimes. I almost always play US West, where my ping is often below 50 and rarely over 75. The problem is most obvious when my opponent has 200+ ping, and I am attempting to dodge their melee. Just the other night, I suffered greatly against a Sentinel using Puncture. Plenty of times he rightly bested me, and I accepted my fate. But as I watched his wingtips hit air several other times and still felt the brutal consequence of 400 damage, it started to feel really unfair. I began to wonder if the client-side prediction, or whatever is going on behind the scenes, is prone to giving the laggy player an advantage?

    I'm aware that network issues are tricky, especially when they involve animated collisions. Firing guns is usually very reliable for me. Anyway I just wanted to chime in on my similar experience. Not sure how many others would concur. Hopefully it can be alleviated. For now I'm becoming extra cautious against high ping opponents.