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Thread: AJ's Hair: what does it really look like?

AJ's Hair: what does it really look like?

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    AJ's Hair: what does it really look like?

    As I'm sure many of you are aware, the character of Adam Jensen has been one of the most closely followed over the course of development of Deus Ex: Human Revolution. His design has undergone many changes, it seems, and each time EM releases a new trailer and/or we get to see new CGI, we are surprised time and time again with a different rendition of Adam Jensen's hair. Yes!!! Hair.*

    His glasses, his beard, the hexagon embossed on his dome, these have remained unchanged throughout the whole evolution of AJ's design it seems from the very first concept art that was released sometime in 2008 or maybe even earlier than that. Look at how short, or slicked back AJ's hair is: figure 1.

    Perhaps his hair wasn't meant to be shorter in the beginning of the design process, exactly, but is in fact just pressed more closely to his head as envisioned by the artist. This can be seen in another piece of early concept art where Adam's hair is noticeably bulkier, more "stood up" but is more or less the same length figure 2.

    OK, maybe these two examples aren't very different, but the differences, however subtle are there. Notice how much length has been removed from up top and behind AJ's calico in figure 2. I mean, it's not as bad as this, like in figure 1, but it seems someone noticed that something wasn't working and they decided to take a little off the top. Fine, OK.

    Moving away from concept art, we can look at some of the CGI that was created for one of the first trailers we saw some immeasurable time ago: figure 3. What do we see?!?!? Where is the "spikiness?" He doesn't seem to have applied any gel here? It appears much softer, like the beard of an Amish. This is in direct contrast to what even more concept art seems to be emphasizing, at least at the time, which is that AJ's hair is "spiky!" Figure 4. Again, more CGI making AJ's hair look soft and wonderfully shampooed: figure 5.

    Adam also seems to have a bit of a widow's peak in this capture (fig. 5), which is very disturbing, considering that virtually every other rendition of AJ, CGI or otherwise gives AJ's forehead a "square" appearance: Figures 6, 7.

    Then there's this gem, released just recently: figure 9. Soft hair. Certainly not spiky like what has been seen in concepty art or even CGI. Completely absent widow's peak. How close his hair moves into his face. I'm sure at this point you are thoroughly confused as to what AJ actually looks like, is supposed to look like as EM envisioned him. What will he look like in-game, as our camera moves behind his character in and out of character? In cutscenes? Will it be consistent (I'm not downloading the leaked Beta build to see but would rather wait till August to find out with/from a finished product)? The closest I think we've gotten to what AJ's hair looks like finally is this. But I'm still not 100% sure.

    How should AJ's hair really look? How do you think it should look?

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    I'd have to say that I liked 3 the best.

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    In the new footage AJ's face seems different. A little more older looking and with a larger scar.

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    3 or 5.

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    My question is why Sarif felt a need to put a giant hexagon stamp on his face. I mean, really? Way to be a dick, bud.
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    Figure 9 not working tricky man
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    Obviously it's an attempt at realism; wherein the main protagonist does his hairstyle in a different way every day. AJ has never truly been able to tame that mane.

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    In the future, hairstyles are augmented to change daily to keep up with the rapidly transforming fashion style of the time. But personally I think it should be fluorescent green with blue polkadot implants.

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    Originally Posted by TrickyVein
    It appears much softer, like the beard of an Amish.
    That is SO good

    2 was my fav.
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    Originally Posted by Vallux
    I'd have to say that I liked 3 the best.
    Yes. Absolutely.

    Not that it matters a great deal, but yes.
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    My favorite thread of the month.

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    Judging from the videos, it appears to change throughout the game. During one of the first missions, it looked silky smooth, while in other parts, it was sorta "messy." I personally would gay for figure 3.

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    Oh, that's called a widow's peak? In Chinese culture, it's called hot man's peak. (I'm serious)

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    You forgot figure 10 - the photo with AJ and his brother JJ.
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    His face looks a lot more masculine and, as far as I can judge this as a hetero male, attractive in the old CGI trailer. Really disappointed with the ingame character model. Trailer-Jensen had sharper features, what I liked best about him was that he looked like a stereotypical bad guy. I mean look at this:

    This dark, sinister look is missing recently.
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    Figure 9, man. I don't believe it. You all know what I'm talking about. I updated my post, but you can also see it in the images thread, page 76.

    This one really threw me. I didn't even begin to talk about afros, but this brings AJ's hair to a whole new level. How boxy it is. How thick?

    I much prefer the "dark and sinister" gelled, "spiked" look of AJ's hair in-game or in some of the concept art. I think they've gone overboard animating his hair in CGI and it ends up looking very soft, even the way it blows in the wind like in figure 5 during the trailer.

    Maybe someone who's played the Beta build can throw us some insight (without actually posting pictures because that would be forbidden, correct)?

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    My favourite is fig 2, or perhaps it's just that picture. I like how it's scruffy (kinda brushed the wrong way in places), and to me seems realistic. Although his hair isn't as 'plump' as the other pics it seems to be more alive IMO - and it probably is because of the way it's untidy. The most colourful part about it I feel is the updrift fringe. I try to imagine it not being there, only then I think I would be stating that the hair style seems too short.

    Because the hair isn't 'big' or 'boxed' here, it brings more focus to his face, especially when it isn't hidden behind the shades. So, although fig 2 is my preferred style for the character, I can see the appeal for bigger hair when the shades and the coat are in place, as the coat seems to broaden out his shoulders - which is why I'm figuring the more 'boxed' and thicker style haircuts would even out the balance.

    Fig 2 also has my favourite version of his facial hair.

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    +1 for #2.

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    i say let us pick it in the game

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    2 is not bad

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    Please never call Adam 'AJ' again...

    And I don't like the new afro haircut which is shown in cutscenes and in the latest trailers. I prefer the old hairstyle which is posted in the op a lot more

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    I have always called Adam by his initials. It is unfortunate that you have made that association, but that really has nothing to do with me.

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    If Denton had a widow's peak, then by God Jensen must have a widow's peak as well!

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    Originally Posted by wheresmyskulgun
    My question is why Sarif felt a need to put a giant hexagon stamp on his face. I mean, really? Way to be a dick, bud.
    Maybe because the bullet hole on your forehead is not in fashion?

    People's hair looks slightly different each day (Bruce Willis is an exception). Why does game characters' hair look the same for the whole game? They don't have bad mornings? Do they sleep while sitting to keep their precious hairstyle?
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    Originally Posted by m G h m u o s
    In the future, hairstyles are augmented to change daily to keep up with the rapidly transforming fashion style of the time. But personally I think it should be fluorescent green with blue polkadot implants.
    This is my favorite idea ever i vote this. 0.o Can just see him waking up and stabbing himself in the head to get that lovely green tint. haha

    This thread makes me happy. I like all the figures except 1...he looks like a crackhead in it, just strange. Figure 4 would be my favorite but considering it's Adam Jensen he can do whatever the hell he wants with his beauty regimen. Don't question it or he'll break through the wall and hurt you...

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