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Thread: Your Tomb Raider Treasure Chest?

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    Smile Your Tomb Raider Treasure Chest?

    I'm always adding new things to my TR collection. In the last few months I've added some new PC games & comics to my collection. I have many books & figures as well. Hopefully soon I'll try & put my collection together to photograph, but for now here are some new additions.

    My TR Games:

    My TR Comics:

    We know Gorangar & CatSuit&PonyTail have a wealth of delights in their collection. What TR items do you have in your Tomb Raider Treasure Chest?
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    That's all in your collection!?!?! I really hate you right now!!!!!
    Unfortunately, in my country, it's expensive so I can't always afford stuff like that... But as soon as possible, I'm buying all the games for PC!!
    P.S. Great collection, btw!!!

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    Thank you, I actually have quite a few more TR bits & bobs.

    Sorry to hear that it's expensive in your country. Ebay is a good option for finding things cheaply. I just might have a spare TR 1 to 6 PC game set soon, maybe I could post you it? Pula always looks like one of the most stunning places I've ever seen in pictures! Looks beautiful!
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    We dont have any of those in this country(DUBAI)

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    Wow what a treasure chest.

    I have all the games for a least one console and 4 figures of Lara but it's nowhere near as good as that.

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    My treasure chest doesn't compare! I have 2 copies of Underworld for 360(one is unplayable) Legend for 360, LS and BTA for 360, Anniversary for Wii, and a 12" Legend figur, Tomb Raider: Chronicles for PC

    Used to have:

    AOD for PS2
    TLR for PS1
    Legend for PS2
    Underworld for Wii
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    Kiss-bite's collection is incredible. It's a fantastic collection. Didn't even know there was a Tomb Raider comic.

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    Wow kiss-bite! Very cool.

    I have:
    TR:1 for PS1
    TR:4 for PS1
    TR:5 for PS1
    TR:AoD for PS2
    TR:L for PS2
    TR:A for PS2
    Both TR movies on DVD and the first on VCR
    plus the "Oficial Film Companion" book for the first movie
    and 2 TR comics.

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    Here are some new TR merchandise I've got over the last few months. My full TR collection can be seen here (Although I haven't finished adding everything yet)

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    I'm so jealous!

    I only have

    TR -- PS
    TR2 -- PS
    TR3(broken) -- PS
    TR4 -- PS
    TR5 -- PS
    TR AoD (scratched and unable to play) -- PS2

    and that's it
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    In my current Collection i have


    TR I (duel case version)
    TR II
    TR III


    TRA (Special Collectors Edition)


    TRU (Special Edition)


    TR:unfinished business premier collection big box
    TR:golden mask premier collection big box


    TRII 12in Wetsuit


    9 mint condition comics from the short run comic series in early 2000's
    Tomb Raider Amulet of Power


    Both feature length films in collectors edition


    TR movie 1 full base deck of cards
    Slippery When wet almost complete CCG

    Thats all i can think of at the moment

    Edit:i also have the anniversay and legend box set on the psp
    TR:COL movie poster mounted in a frame
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    I have nothing compared to you guys. :P

    Can I do past things I had?

    Playstation 1
    Tr3 demo

    Playstation 2


    Xbox 360

    Tr2 demo
    Tr3 demo
    Tr4 demo (doesn't works though, it kills my computer).

    Drawings! I have loads!

    Playstation magazine lara croft stuff.

    That's it I think....
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    Quote Originally Posted by tombraidergal View Post
    I have nothing compared to you guys. :P
    don't worry bout it some of us have been collecting for years to get some of these items lol
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    Woah Lots of TR stuff!

    I only have the "Lara Croft Tomb Raider Complete Collection" (TR1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6) for pc
    TR AoD, Legend and Anniversary for PS2
    and TRU for Xbox 360
    .. and then the movies

    I don't own any statues/figures or comics

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    I have:
    TR4:PC(unable to save...)
    TR5:PC(unable to save...)
    TRL:PC and x360

    DVD:TR 1 and 2.

    TR:U promotional figure
    TR:A jumping figure on standard
    TR???: Lara in jungle with pillar 30 inch high
    TRL:Premium format 19 inch figure
    bidding on a life size statue.

    WTF, thats less then i expected...

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