Thread: What GENRE is this?

What GENRE is this?

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    What GENRE is this?

    his has confused me, it has many elements from different genres.
    Leveling up/EXP (RPG)
    3/4 of the face buttons are combat (Action)
    There is a Stealth and detective mode (stealth)
    You need strategy (Strategy)

    What genre is this supposed to be?
    I hope it's better than the last game that tried to mix genres
    (Rise of the Argonauts)

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    I think the best way to describe it would be "Action/Adventure." It has RPG and stealth elements, but Action/Adventure is its core much like Metroid, Zelda, CastleVania, Tomb Raider, etc.

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    I think DRCLos is correct. Action Adventure.

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    It's a comedy.

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    haha, maybe next they will make an Adam West/Burt Ward Batman game

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    you want to know what genre it is. the genre is awesome

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    Originally Posted by The Hylden
    haha, maybe next they will make an Adam West/Burt Ward Batman game
    I'd buy it.

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    It is about the same as splinter cell kinda active stealth

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    I'd buy an Adam West Batman game as long as it had all the sound and visual effects from the show's combat scenes and was cell shaded with character designs based on the opening credits and the 60s cartoon.

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    Genres in games are dying out. Games are becoming multi-layered.

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    I agree, it's definately Action/ Adventure.

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    Action/Adventure with a little bit of RPG since you can upgrade Batmans equipment and other stuff