Thread: Super Para-Thruster **Defaulted**

Super Para-Thruster **Defaulted**

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    Super Para-Thruster **Defaulted**

    I have taken fox's Super Para-Thruster mod and set it up as the default parachute with the Chaos parachute skin. so no more buying either one from the black market.

    Download from here:**Defaulted**/

    This mod requires that you already have the Parachute Thruster, and Chaos Parachute DLCs installed.

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    Man, I simply CANNOT wait to get a really good Laptop (waiting for the next gen of GPU and processors hopefully this summer) because I am totally buying this on PC for playing at the office.

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    here is one without the chaos parachute:

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    Times like this I really wish I had a PC capable of running games, if only consoles allowed this level of public modding

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    this is effing awesome

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    I have updated the download to include a version that doesnt need the chaos parachute

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    Updated again to include the toned down version, without heat rise.

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    so many options, but who would want a slow one after tryng the super fast one?!?

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    i have basically no need for the planes or helicopters any more, and i love it.

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    I don't know why but I like these better than Jet-Pack in San Andreas

    Great Job Avalanche

    I can't wait to see what mods do with the APGun

    even the stock thrusters are fantastic

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    that's insane

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    Before I download this, is there any way to BUY the Chaos parachute if you don't already own it? I have not installed any of these mods on my PC version yet, and since I do not own the Chaos, I am not sure if I can buy it and use the first mod, or if I have to use the second mod.

    Also, will the default thrusters work with any of the other parachute mods, say the one with the scorpion or other chutes made with national flags and stuff?

    Edit: Oops! I didn't want the super thrusters, only to enable the regular thrusters as default.I misread this thread.