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Thread: Share your impressions after replaying the Thief games

Share your impressions after replaying the Thief games

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    Share your impressions after replaying the Thief games

    Hi everyone! I've recently joined the forums after i begun a replay of TG, i've been visiting these forums since i heard Thief IV had been announced.

    Well it's been nine years since i last played TG and about 6-7 years since i last played TMA, i have yet to play TDS and i haven't decided yet if i ought to.

    As indicated this thread is about posting your impressions after replaying Thief, be it TDP/TG, TMA or TDS, recent or old. So i'll start of with my impressions on TG as they are now having just completed Down in the Bonehoard.

    Well the startup wasn't exactly smooth, it took quite some help from the FAQ over at TTLG before i got it running. I finally got it running and i gotta say the intro is something that immediatly gets my attention, it's great! I chose expert (had to see that basketball court which i completley missed nine years ago), did the tutorial and realised i had to remap my key bindings somewhat as they felt kind of akward, the graphics certainly look dated but it didn't bother me. I remember the gameplay fairly as it's one of my favourite games of all time so i didn't make that many mistakes, it still took about 90 minutes for me to complete the manor (i explore a lot) and i didn't find all loot
    I played on untill i had completed The bonehoard and this is where i am at the moment. I am waiting for a rainy day to play some more, so as not to waste our short summer and having to feel that i should get out.

    Impressions: Graphics dated, but i like the nostalgia of it.
    I really like the voices, perhaps not academy awards stuff (except garrets) but fitting to the game.
    It's a lot of trial and error (which i like) and it's really unforgiving on expert (which makes sense)
    The AI could be more intuitive (understatement perhaps)
    Some things kind off feel like a choire, but at the same time it's really rewarding to figure stuff out for yourself.
    I love eavesdropping
    The game feels eerie, the soundtracks, footsteps, noises, mysterious factions and the steampunk technology.
    (I play on very low gamma which makes it feel claustrophobic kind of like Das Boot)

    I'm still amazed how this game still captures me the way it does, even though flaws are more apparent now than they were back then. Not much has changed in my impressions that i had of the game from nine years ago, i certainly had forgot a lot of the details though.
    It's still one of my all time favourites.

    Now my fingers hurt from typing so with that i'll leave it to you taffers
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    When I first played Thief, I was with my cousin, we were like 7 and 9 years old, and always a guard was close to us we were like O_o "shshshssh" and we were always whispering as if the guards can hear us.
    When we first played "Cragscleft Prision" and we saw the zombie for the first time, jaja, alway walking REALY slowly to not wake him up, jaja.

    What i liked the most in Thief, was that feeling, that thing telling me that i was going to get caught. I loved it.(this was becouse i didnt know about the saving sistem and when i loose i had to start alover againg, and that made it so exiting)
    But then, 6 years later I was smarter (=P) and i knew how to save the game (indefinitely) and this feeling only comes back when im in a hard place and a guard pass trough me and when I see it coming im like "Nooo! he is going to caught me and if i move he is going to caughtme sooner" and while im holding the jaw he pass through... Or not.

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    KoStA, welcome. I recommend playing TG and TMA again. Absorb the nostalgia and all that is good in them. Then when you are ready for a possible Thief series letdown, try TDS. Who knows, you may like it a lot. But personally, I recommend staying in your blissful nostalgic wonderfulness for a long while, because if you love T1/T2, there's a more-than-likely chance some things in TDS will not live up to your Thief series expectations. So why not live in bliss a bit longer

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    I've replayed them all over the last 2 years.
    My main problem with TDP (and was from the first playthrough) was the amount of beasties (non-humans).
    TMA is still my favorite. TDS streetwar was even more chaotic on the 3rd playthrough.
    But I found good and bad in all.
    One of the often overlooked elements of TMA are the "cameras" as they really do provide an extra challenge.

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    I have been playing Metal Age again. Climbing is really evil. Ladders are quite evil. The AI seem a bit hard to understand, they don't seem to get alerted by some obviously suspicious moments but are very jumpy at more obscure ones. Other than that it remains awesome. I find it a lot easier than I used to.
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    Ladders in TMA are awesome, usually. They seem pretty intuitive and they're easy to get on and off. On a very rare occasion I need to jump off, which is bad, bu not usually. If you're having to jump on/off the ladders a lot, maybe check the options menu. Might need to change a setting there? I think one is auto-detach or something. If this isnt the issue, what is?

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    There's an auto-attach but no auto-detach. In principle you are supposed to auto detach when you get to the bottom (at least, many ladders do this) but there are enough that just don't, even though they seem to be close enough to the floor. And then there are the ladders that are just a little bit too high, even though in principle it would be easy to lower yourself quietly to the ground. It is strange to deal with a situation where I have to make a lot of noise leaving a ladder, but I could just fall right from the top and make no sound if I wanted to. Occasionally there are ladders where I alert guards upon leaving them even if I actually don't make a sound that I can hear (the drunk guard just outside Angelwatch seemed particularly good for this).

    OK, so upon thinking about it the silent crouchfall is pretty silly too.
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    These old games are like favorite old albums... they sound good no matter how old they may be or how many times you have played them. You may like some "songs" (missions) better than others, but they all have their place, and there is nothing wrong with breaking them out even though you already know how they go, so to speak.

    I play the old Thief games every so many years and enjoy it each time, and returning to those old familiar streets and rooftops, caves and ruins, and hearing those sweet old sounds, is like comfort food for the brain.

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    Ahh, gotchya TMT. Yeah, i wish the pesky ladder situations you describe didn't happen

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    Never played 1 and 2, went straight to thief 3, and loved it !

    great ambiance, lovely voice acting, nice graphics

    normally i play shooters, but thief 3 was really refreshing

    i certainly hope this will beat em all and become game of the year

    also i hope more to come after thief 4

    never stop this, its quite unique

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    Well play the first 2. You can get all 3 in a collection for about £6
    If you have trouble getting them running pm me and I'll talk you through it.
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    lol, i had a glimps @ thief 2, but im so on visuals :P

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    your loss
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    Originally Posted by Namdrol
    your loss
    i know, but i hadnt discovered it yet

    i wish i could experience the true thief feeling

    but i cant play them "older" games

    edit: prolly from what im making up @ the forum id disliked thief 3
    'We' actually do not care anymore.

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    Originally Posted by Maleficen
    lol, i had a glimps @ thief 2, but im so on visuals :P
    ^-- Welcome to the future of the series everyone.

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    Originally Posted by DarknessFalls
    ^-- Welcome to the future of the series everyone.
    Lol, yes, it does focus nowadays on that doesnt it

    And i know, have seen and played all kind of games since 1984

    (C64 and above moving thru time)
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    Sadly, it does focus on that. We may never have another game like T1/T2 simply because the graphics have to be so stellar awesome and pushing the envelope that no game could ever put the same amount of care into it. You're doing yourself a disservice by not experiencing T2. I say T2 because if you're saying that about T2, it'll be even harder to go back and play T1 (Gold) because of the graphics. T2 was my favorite. It's the first one in the series I played. And yes, it was a little hard to go back to T1 because of the graphics, but after so many years of not having any game rival the care put into T2, I had to give T1 a fair shot and playthrough. I'm glad I did. T2 is still my favorite though.

    Having so much gaming history behind your belt makes me surprised you can't put glistening graphics aside to give T2 a fair, patiently played, getting-absorbed-in-the-universe, shot. Granted, glitzy graphics are awesome every now and then -- I'm sure you remember some Psygnosis C64 classics, for example -- but if you're a fan of stealth gameplay, I think T2 deserves some of your attention.

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    There does seem to come a time when you just struggle to play old games. I've been exploring Good Old Games in the last year or so for classics and things I missed the first time round. I find some of the games, even ones that I've played before, just too... annoying... to play much any more. Presumably the point where this happens varies from player to player and game to game, but it seems to be an unfortunate fact.

    I mean, I know the first X-Com is a great game but I try to play it now and I just feel frustrated.

    The Dark Engine has aged fairly well for me but I can't deny that it's started to get a little annoying and this is worrying.
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    I did a back-to-back marathon, recently (actually, I'm not quite finished with TDS, but I've played it frequently enough that I feel I can give impressions) so here are my thoughts:

    Thief: The Dark Project

    Superb. Maybe it's just the limitations of 1998 texture graphics, or maybe it was a conscious design decision, but the art design has a certain 'grittiness' that even Thief II sort of lacked. It also strikes me as a much more 'medieval' experience, whereas Thief II was 'steampunk' and Deadly Shadows was sort of 'Victorian'. I like how each game is different, in that regard.

    The Dark Engine has aged well, though I've said since I first played the game in the late '90s that the mantling is spotty, which leads to unfair deaths in levels where undue strain is placed on platforming. this also makes some of the 'Tomb Raider'-ish missions (which I've always felt were out-of-place, anyways) even more irritating... and lengthy.

    The story is probably the best in the series. It still feels fresh over a decade later.

    Thief Gold

    All of the above applies. Love the Mages' Tower, also loved how intricate and labyrinthine the Downwind Thieves' Guild is - even though just getting into the damn place is a pain, Song of the Caverns was superb... I like all the new stuff, actually. It's even better than TDP simply because of all the great additions.

    Thief II: The Metal Age

    This is the perfect stealth game. I won't claim to be unbiased. I was blown away when I first played it in 2000, and I'm still discovering new things about it to this day, some twenty-odd playthroughs later.

    I said TDP has the best story in the series, but TMA is my personal favorite. I love the cult-like quality of the Mechanists, and while the narrative is unnecessarily circuitous, the roundabout way the story unfolds allows you to explore some truly incredible locales. Shipping... and Receiving is a perfect example of what sets this one apart... it's just... bursting at the seams with detail. It feels like this is really a shipping and cargo area, it feels like people really work there, and it helps The City really come alive.

    Anyways, I've gushed enough. It's perfect. More burglary, less ghouls and goblins (and Lara Croft antics)... I dig it.

    Thief: Deadly Shadows

    This game has held up really well since I first played it on launch day in '04. Third person mode was always on my wishlist for the series, and while it presents its own drawbacks, I still feel it was the right direction for the series.

    Lockpicking being turned into a mini-game was awesome, especially with the added dynamic of being able to turn your head to see if someone is coming while you pick the lock purely by 'feel' and 'sound'. Really added to the tension and immersion of infiltration. The small areas are lamentable, but the variety of ways you can tackle your objectives remain unchanged from previous games. The graphics have also held up quite well. Lots of current Xbox 360 games don't look this good. The dynamic shadows are great, and I was too afraid to try hiding in them on early playthroughs, but in this marathon I actually tried using enemy and environmental shadows as cover, and the system works pretty well, actually.

    Anyways, that's my two cents.
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    Mighty fine post, Spandex!

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    To me, the best part about this series, the one thing that has been a constant. And the one thing that makes this leagues better than games like Splinter Cell, is that killing, generally, is *not* a requirement.

    I find it a testament to your skill to be able to sneak in in the dead of night, steal the gem (Or whatever you're after) and then get out, undetected.

    And tehn imagine the looks on the guards faces in the morning when they realise it's gone.
    Good hunting!

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    Killing in Thief was not only never required, but directly frowned upon. Even though the games never really punished you for killing except for not letting you do that in higher difficulties, Garrett always looked down on you and called you an amateur if you did that.

    I've recently played through Splinter Cells 1 2 and 3, and in every mission I've been trying to get through without killing or disabling anyone. Only in SC3 it's possible to ghost through the entire game, and it's still extermely hard because there is one mission with a combat part in it.

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    Originally Posted by Platinumoxicity
    I've recently played through Splinter Cells 1 2 and 3, and in every mission I've been trying to get through without killing or disabling anyone. Only in SC3 it's possible to ghost through the entire game, and it's still extermely hard because there is one mission with a combat part in it.
    You can ghost through the entirety of Chaos Theory and Double Agent (which is a very underrated game, by the way) and a good chunk of Pandora Tomorrow, but yeah... the first game was more of a 'Stealth Action' game. It had those set pieces where you suddenly had to whip out your gun and shoot a bunch of guys, making the rest of the mission where you've been struggling valiantly to remain invisible utterly pointless.
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    In SC1 you needed to knock out guys to get their door codes, so in order to get by without touching them you'd need to quicksave, KO them, read their notes and quickload. Cheating.

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    I played the third one first, when I got my xbox. I saw it at Blockbuster and was instantly hooked on it. too bad I got lost for a few hours in the pagan sanctuary, and ended up returning it before getting much farther than that.
    I forgot about it for about a year, until I saw it on sale pre-owned and bought it then. I loved the idea of it. It feels completely different than anything else I played prior. Games are all about being the one running in guns blazing, and it was fun to be the one trying to sneak around instead.

    That's my favorite part of the games. Not jumping into the scenes, as much as slinking around them.
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