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Thread: Tomb Raider - Palce Mider.

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    Tomb Raider - Palce Mider.

    Hi All, First time on here. I have never asked for help with a game before as I like to 'suss it out'
    However, this is wrecking my head at the moment so if you can help, please do.
    (yeah I know its an old game)
    So I am stuck in palace mider. ( T.R.1, I think, on playstation. )
    Have pulled all the levers and nothing is happening.
    The only way forward, I can see, is to jump from the rocks to an upper archway in the big back room past the large stairway ?
    Please dont tell me that is the way cos ive been jumping at it for day's.

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    Are you in the room with the doors along the sides and the five switches on the high platform? You need to look at the symbols above the doors, and then look at the symbols above the switches to know which switches to pull.

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    Aaah, thanks Shrensh, I did not notice any symbols above the switches I noticed the symbols above the doors which are like a ' y ' and a horse shoe so I thought they meant ' up ' and ' down ' and tried that.

    Thanks, I'm off to try it.

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    In Cold Blood !

    While I am here, has anyone played, " In Cold Blood " as I am stuck on that one too.

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