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Thread: Peru help

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    Peru help

    can anyone help me by telling me where the 3rd cog is? It's driving me nuts

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    Oh OK no wonder I couldnt find it lol thanks

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    Do you know the way to the t-rex?
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    Yep, I just beat him

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    Now I'm looking for the 2nd artifact

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    Now all I need is the relic and i'm good to go I think.

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    Thank you so much for your help

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    It's what i'm here for.

    P.S if you need anymore help, just pm me.
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    3rd cog

    Is anyone else having problems jumping to the slanted platform after inserting the 3rd cog?

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    I'm not sure what you mean by slanted platform. There's a platform that spins once you put in the second cog. When you put in the third cog, that platform stops spinning. After you put in the third cog, you can just dive into the water below to get down.

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    Exclamation how do i find the third cog in peru!!

    im stuck! ive found and placed two out of the three cogs! but i cannot find the third one!! please help me!! its making me sooooo !! thank you!!! p.s i havent got a clue where i encounterd the T-rex

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    To find the T-Rex place: from the waterfall climb up the ladders of the wooden machine thingy, shimmy around the stone wall, climb up to the top level and shimmy some more around the rest of the wall where you can swing on a rope and shimmy to the last area and drop down. You'll be at the small cave where you fought a bear. Go through the wooden slides area and eventually you'll find the cave/corridor that you slide down and fight the red raptors.

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    T-Rex is getting annoying!

    So, any secrets how to kill that friggin' lizard!? sure would be nice to have a spot to hide and shoot away but ...

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    Covered in MANY threads. Bump one of them instead, but only if the multitude of input the community has offered is somehow not enough

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