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100 hours gameplay

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    100 hours gameplay

    Its true! Outside is that boring that i have spent 100 hours of game time on the 2nd best game in the world! Not counting all the time i didnt save my game. How many others are with me at 100 hours? If your over that time, feel free to speak up! Im interested how much time some individuals spend on this game. :P

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    75 for me
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    118 hours for me, i bought this game for my PS3 in may or april, i dont know
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    * Total Game Time : 114 (hrs)

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    cool, ive got 112h now. I got my game for ps3 some time in june, early july, eh im not sure.

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    Yes it's true im a gaming freak i ussaly game in my free time. i got it in april

    been playing for ...................... 204 HOURS

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    38800 for me. 5 years on the Xbox FTW!
    Explained here.
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    i have done about 200 hrs so far still going

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    'sup man! i got 119 hours played yeah!

    i like this game... so nice..
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    125 hours ahhhh those sleepless nights

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    one 86hr file and one 79hr file total 165hrs and still going around raising completion % on my 79 hr file.
    I agree this is the second best game I have played...only defeated by the one and only, way ahead of its time, revolutionary, ground braking, incredible GTA san andreas. I spent hundreds of hours on that one.
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    UPDATE: 235 Yay