Thread: New Multiplayer Map Locks up!!

New Multiplayer Map Locks up!!

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    New Multiplayer Map Locks up!!

    6 Times a row now it has locked up eiter at the loading screen or about 2-3 minutes into the game. Not even one shot fired yet. Refund or fix it.

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    Just in case somebody doesn't know . . .

    warn your Live friends not to get the dlc until it is fixed. I sent this to 24 of my Live friends minutes ago:

    "Hold off on getting the dlc for Battlestations. The campaign map works but the multiplayer map is buggered. It's all over the message boards and Eidos hasn't responded yet. Let the buyer beware until you hear otherwise."

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    It has happened to me as well.

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    When did you guys DL it? It doesn't even give me the option to DL anything for this game... Do you have to go to the dashboard??

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    Interesting. You are right that there is a downloadable content button on the main screen but I went straight to the Xbox Live Marketplace, clicked on game downloads (not the featured area - Microsoft wouldn't "feature" this broken junk) and you'll find it under the Battlestations:Midway link.

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    its locked up once on me but has worked a couple of times

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