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Thread: Manhunt..what'd you think of the game?

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    Manhunt..what'd you think of the game?

    Yea, I just recently finished it up, just gotta say I personally thought it was pretty wicked and original..what about you guys?

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    I'm waiting for the PC version


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    I like it so far. I'm having a little trouble getting passed the subway part with all the swat team guys.

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    Coincidentally, I myself inquired about this game a month or so ago in this thread. It's good to see some more feedback on the issue. I noticed in an ad over the weekend that the price on the title had dropped, so I may actually opt to purchase it.

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    MY boyfriend bought manhunt and the new maximo game about 2 mos. ago, haven't beat either of them yet. good game, he likes it more than I do. I'm more into maximo myself.
    "Are you trying to bore me into submission...?

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    ah sorry about that Umah...either way, I highly recomend the's like a cross between Metal Gear Solid\Tenchu and GTA's brute approach at things...

    not to ruin anything..but you can kill people with plastic bags in this's really good for venting and such.... if you're one of those people looking for a non-RPG game that'll last awhile..check this one out...

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    Original? lmao!

    It's virtually exactly the same thing as Vice City and other Grand Theft games, but way more violent.

    It's basically just giving the masses what they want, a killing game, but it's alright!

    It's not real

    I can't see how it's being compared to Metal Gear either. Metal Gear had some tact, yaknow? Certain things were done with class, this is just your basic "kill as many as you can, in the most violent way possible" (plasic bags, crow bars, guns etc etc). And I do mean violet. Arn't you awarded for the most violent kills?

    As for Tenchu, the only basis for comparison IMO is that they are both gory (Manhunt more so - on a scale of 1-10, one being mild, ten being gory, I'd rate Tenchu 1, and Manhunt 10) in the way you see the blood of your victims and whatnot.

    Personally, it's not my sort of game (as you kinda guessed). And before anyone has a go at me, calling me a wuss and whatnot, I'm not. Blood doesn't bother me, just the graphic way in which a video game can demonstrate so many ways to kill people does, however...

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