Thread: WTF @ 08_nyc_street (streets 2 no music?!?)

WTF @ 08_nyc_street (streets 2 no music?!?)

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    WTF @ 08_nyc_street (streets 2 no music?!?)

    This is driving me nuts, one of my favorite music tracks in DX and for whatever reason, this level is not playing it's ambient track any longer; any ideas?

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    Loaded up the editor and found the music wasn't loaded for the level properly. Not sure how it got like that (had nothing loaded for a music track).. maybe patch bug? version bug? If anyone else has the problem all you need to do is load the level in the editor, hit f6, click audio tab and set the music to the nyc_streets2.umx sound file.

    FYI.. Doesn't work with a save game already inside the level. I had to edit a couple flags and warp back using legend to reset it.