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Cybernetically Controlled Animals are a go

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    Cybernetically Controlled Animals are a go

    In January, Professor Michel Maharbiz and postdoctoral researcher Hirotaka Sato, both of electrical engineering and computer sciences, demonstrated the first wireless control of a rhinoceros beetle at the Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers’ MEMS conference in Italy. Implanted on the live insect: six electrodes, a microprocessor, a radio receiver and a microbattery. Using a laptop to deliver commands to a base station, the researchers sent radio signals to the beetle’s gear, stimulating the brain and flight muscles to fly, turn and hover. Maharbiz, director of the Berkeley Sensor & Actuator Center, says the DARPA-funded research could elucidate the neurobiology and biomechanics of insect flight, and the cyborg beetles could be used in the future for delicate search-and-rescue or surveillance missions.
    Watch the beetle here-

    A robot controlled by a blob of rat brain cells could provide insights into diseases such as Alzheimer's, University of Reading scientists say.

    The project marries 300,000 rat neurons to a robot that navigates via sonar.

    The neurons are now being taught to steer the robot around obstacles and avoid the walls of the small pen in which it is kept.

    Hybrid machines

    The blob of nerves forming the brain of the robot was taken from the neural cortex in a rat foetus and then treated to dissolve the connections between individual neurons.
    a revolutionary experiment in combining a mechanical device with living tissue. The robot is controlled by an immature lamprey eel brain that was removed, kept alive in a special solution and attached to the hockey-puck-sized robot by wires so it can receive signals from the device's electronic eyes and send commands to move the machine's wheels.

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    ummm... the article is cool, but I really didn't want to see some crazy cybernetic dog murdered at the end of it.

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    You are on a forum about a violent video game that is about cybernetically altered humans, there is even a promotional image of a cybernetic fetus for DXHR.

    -So let me understand this, you are offended that I posted an image of a cybernetic dog from a comic? The image is from a graphic novel about cybernetically altering animals to become weapons. The Article is about Cybernetically altering animals as well. The truth is that we may be able to use animal/machine hybrids as weapons one day. Are you one of those people that just shuts their eyes and covers their ears when anything scary happens in the world?

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    Cool. I want a robot pet lion.
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    we3 is sooooo awesome. The guy who ran the store told me to pick it up, and I thought the cover was stupid. But after reading it, it was amazing! Highly recommended.

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    "We require more mineralzzzz!"

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    The picture of the dog is annoying and mildly offensive because it's rubbish. We have a cybernetic organism aparently specifically built to be pathetic, with big loving eyes made to wrench the soul despite the fact that there's no reason whatsoever to keep them. All that's should be left of the dog is a brain in a jar in the most solid part of the machinery. That's completely ignoring the wisdom of basing your cybernetic killing machine around an organism that can get rabies. It's all very well waiting for old yeller to show symptoms, but not if he's a friggin terminator.
    And why the hell would the speech software be broadcasting typos??

    And apparently it's being hunted by a predator? What's that all about?
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