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Thread: Tomb Raider Underworld Demo Review

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    Smile Tomb Raider Underworld Demo Review

    Yesterday I downloaded the Tomb Raider Underworld Demo ,
    According to my opinion thr game is just amazing , excellent graphics, breathtaking gameplay and background music except one thing which make me sad was the animation of Lara, lara looks just like a doll and nothing else, the anniversary lara was the best Lara i have seen and i thing in the final product this will be rectified
    what do you guys thnk? share your opinion about the demo

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    the demo is great . . . the sound, graphics, gameplay . . . just everything.
    but you're right . . when i played it, it wasn't the same like in the others, it was like a tomb raider without the good, old lara.
    Tomb Raider Underworld could be an epic game, i think . . .

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    Seems fine to me.

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    But i can't help but notice that Lara has different faces in different screenshots, did you guys ever notice that? Well, maybe it's because of her facial expressions!

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    I loved it. I think she looks awesome.

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    I really enjoyed it. I was disappointed when it finished. Left me wanting LOTS more.

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