Thread: Just Cause 2, has grown on me, and I love it now.

Just Cause 2, has grown on me, and I love it now.

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    Just Cause 2, has grown on me, and I love it now.

    I dont know guys.. this is a different game..

    I turn my PS3 on, and when i play the game, it just feels... so.. me.. and just so beautiful..

    Just recently, i took a cruise on one of the speed boats. I went in the direction of the sun while it was going down, and it was absolutely stunning.

    This game is just so perfect (besides... nvm)

    Thanks devs

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    Yep, when cruising with speed boat it really feels like you're on a holiday.

    The water effects and underwater views are subliminal

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    just make sure your going to the gym keep the weight good for the summer, rest of the time just cause 2

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    hahaha, indeed, I blasted a power station that looks exactly like the one over the water from the small island i live on... good fun!

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    I know wat you mean man this game is gordgeous for once someone said f@#* realism and came up with this but eidos were always known for there crazy unrealistic games like total overdose awesome game. no matter how many bugs or glitches there are in this game I find something that makes me forget about it. But yeah this game is my dream game seriously i've never said this about any other game thank you so much eidos, avalanche, square Enix, square Enix London studios and all the devs plus mycoldman for everything he's done and movura for his website.

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    It is a good looking game and play's like a charm but with all the bugs and glitches I can't help feel it missed a good quality test

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    I agree I love this game. It is a very unique game. I haven't experienced many bugs...a few audio bugs overall but I really feel that this game is one of the best out right now.

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    A few days ago I was speeding down one of the rivers through the jungle area of the map at sunset. And the suns rays were shining through the gaps of the trees.

    I was like O_o "woaah, I love this game. So beautiful".

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    I helicoptered a sailboat to the "shark" lake and sailed around that while I watched the sun set over the mountain tops. It even made my video-game hating wife stick around to watch.

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    So true, first time i flew a plane and jumped ontop to do a stunt jump it just looked so amazing. The Anti-Aliaisng is so well implemented in this game, crystal clear edges on everything, and the HDR is amazing.

    I was so intranced i forgot to jump off and hit the ground haha.

    Really makes this new 24" 1080p monitor worth every cent i paid.

    You guys know the console version only runs in 720p to insure decent framerates. Right...

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    Just Cause 2 isn't even born, for me. Estimated delivery 1 April.
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