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Thread: The Many Looks of Lara Croft...

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    The Many Looks of Lara Croft...

    Hey guys, I was just looking around for Underworld stuff and found this-

    It's a article about each Lara Croft Model (So expect very rubbish innuendo jokes, especially the one at the end of the article! >.< ).

    I just wanted to share it and see what people think of the article and the models (but no arguments about them, like in the other thread, please ).

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    LOL that many! god!
    i think who ever made the article might be a man!!
    Blonde Croft
    Oh Thats Lovely

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    Yep, also a man who doesn't go out much (he even admits it!).

    (Ah, Lara and innuendo jokes...when will it ever end? )

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    lol! well if he admited it i might aswell! i don't get out much either!
    nope! lol
    Blonde Croft
    Oh Thats Lovely

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    I read that the other night.

    I love the jokes, they're hilarious.
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    ooh thanks lilhanhan.
    That was a good read
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    I thought the jokes were lolworthy.


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    Quote Originally Posted by LC is Me View Post
    I thought the jokes were lolworthy.

    I laughed a bit too, it's kinda like the jokes were so bad they were good (they're still a bit rubbish though! )

    Also, I think I've heard the "I'll raid their tombs" joke a bit too much!

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    they should have used "i want to rumble in her jungle"
    Blonde Croft
    Oh Thats Lovely

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