basically I cant get past the prologue, the game wont run that long before it crashes to the desktop with the good old "thief has stopped working" window (or whatever it says)

ive started a new game

I have the game cranked right down to lowest possible graphics settings (like a 1999 pc could run it type settings)

I get a few mins out of it and then it crashes. I could probably race thru to the next chapter but im sure it would only run for 5 mins or so before it would crash.

ive done the suggested fix of swapping win32 and win64 thing.
ive set the exe as run in admin mode.

pc specs are

intel core i7 cpu 930 @ 2.8 ghz
amd radeon hd 5900
6 gig of ram
win7 64 bit

any thoughts?
I know stalker call of pripyat used to do this and I fixed it somehow, just wish I could recall how, cause its probably the same thing

pretty frustrating.
seems a lot of people are suffering with poor performance or crashes