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Thread: TR: Anniversary on Steam????

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    Big Grin TR: Anniversary on Steam????

    I was wondering if anyone knew anything about TR:A appearing on the Steam platform. I have heard rumors that Eidos will be bringing TR:A to Steam along with other new popular titles that are currently offered.

    I am an active steam user and am excited about the prospect of having access to TR:A on the program (certainly makes updating much easier and there is no need to have the DVD inserted to play the game). What concerns me is the problems and complaints some TR gamers may have about the service (at least the ones not familiar with Valve's Steam technology). I am hoping that using Steam is an option and not a requirement.

    Personally, I think using Steam is a good idea as it can reach a much larger audience but those unfamiliar with the procedures may be turned-off by the service (notiably the requirment of an active internet connection and not being able to play the game without it being fully updated first).

    Any opinions???????????????


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    if its on steam i wont be buying TRA for the computer. i play counter-strike and i cant stand steam. its always broken, or in some way ruining game performance. especially if you have a dual core processor.

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    If it came out on Steam, I wouldn't buy it on that, simply because I detest Steam. I'd still probably buy a hard copy though, but only if I knew it was completely separate from Steam, and didn't do something wholly retarded like require you to have a Steam account to play it.

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    Overall, I like Steam but there are major problems that seem to plague it. For one thing, the updates must be installed in order to play it and there is no way to rollback if the update causes problems. I have a feeling that ifSteam registration was required, many TR gamers would loose interest in it. The only reason I use Steam is mainly for Half-Life 2 and its episodic releases (which take forever to be released anyway). My internet connection is ancient and updates are looooooong; espically since you have to have the game completly updated to play offline.

    Hopefully Eidos will be smart and offer it as an option ; not a requirement. Those familiar with steam can use it while those who perfer the traditional method of recieving game content can rely upon standard installiation methods. Personally, I stick with the old DVD-ROM method. No fuss---no muss

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    Looks like TRA will be getting a steam release:

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    I started a thread here about it last week.

    Please join in, the fireworks are already going off.

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