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Thread: Tombraider anniversary

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    Tombraider anniversary

    I wasnt really a fan of tomb raider legend infact its the only tombraider i never completed.
    The problem was it reminded me to much of prince of persia and i didnt feel it give you the chance to explore vast levels like the other tombraider games did,the legend game just seemed to push you along in one direction if u know what i mean.
    The question is for fellow members is will tra give u the chance to explore like tombraider 1 for eg or will it be more like tomb raider legend.If its the latter i dont think i will be buying it.

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    It isn't out yet so thats kind of hard to say..

    There supposedly are a few ways to finish a level..

    She has some new moves..

    You can disable auto grab.. not entirely sure why someone would but hey they can..

    I think I heard that she can run along walls in Anniversary..

    But overall it'll have a Legend feel since it is a Crystal Dynamics game..

    Best to ask this question after a few people have a chance to play it though..

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    From what I've been reading it sounds like it will have the same great level of exploration as the original.
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    From what I've seen so far and heard: Although the controls and graphics along with Lara's moves, are similar to Legend, the comparisons end there.

    TRA appears to be a pretty good representation of what TR1 was. It has hidden areas that can be found and explored in, new moves such as wall 'walking' with the grapple and new puzzles along with updated older ones. But the levels stay true to TR1, in that they are recognisable.

    I'll be buying it and recommend you check it out. Maybe if you are still unsure, try checking out the trailers that are available or renting out the game first after its release.

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