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Thread: Stuck IN Kazhakstan

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    Stuck IN Kazhakstan

    i stuck in kazhakstan,in the amanda summon the monster there,i cant kill the monster someone know help me i noob.i try alot of time oso can kill.......

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    "Oh Yeah!" - Duffman
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    HOW TO dont go for the monster
    if i dun go for the monster how i win tis game

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    Shoot the bells, pull the levers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by GoranAgar
    Shoot the bells, pull the levers.
    She is not talking about snake. Snake is in england.

    To win this boss first u must press all levers to activate tesla canon. Then sit in it and grab boss with it. then shoot boss to electrisity and while it will be gone shoot to big roud balls. 2-3 shootas to each. U have to be fast because balls will be up only few seconds. after u shoot all the balls exit tesla and grad sword object with grabber

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    I need holidays.

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    Big Grin

    Quote Originally Posted by GoranAgar
    I need holidays.
    We all do I think.

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    THANK ALOT Guy i oleady finish the game thank to ur teach me

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    Can I piggyback on this and ask if you can still beat this level if you don't target the monster and shoot it into the sparks? I'm pretty quick with the tesla and get all four balls sparking pretty fast, but by the time I get off of the tesla and train the view up to the sword, the force field is around the sword fragment again. Like, it's only "off" for about one second, or even less. It's impossible to get all 4 globes into the sparks, jump off, get the fragment in view, and grapple it. Or so it seems???

    H E L P ! ! What can I do better, or faster? Would it help to get the monster in the sparks too?

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    I never fired at the "monster" thing. Just pulled the levers, jumped on the tesla and shot the balls quickly. Jumped off, then hit the grapple key, then the action key. Maybe, I just got lucky the first time. It was easier the 2nd time thru the game.
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    So when you jumped off the tesla, the next thing you did was hit the grapple button? You didn't have to use the right joystick (Playstation) to get the fragment in view first?

    Can you come over to my house and beat this for me

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    Yes, I just hit the grapple key, then the action key to pull it down (on pc).

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    Make sure you don't stand right underneath the sword piece though or the grapple won't grab it. I found I had to stand a little way back and then press the grapple button for it to work.

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    Thanks, guys. I'll try this again tonight. I tried for about an hour and a half last night, and couldn't do it. This morning I packed the game up to take it to my local video game store to trade it in on something else, but I'll try one more time and see what happens.

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