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Thread: how to get through this door?

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    how to get through this door?

    after dark eden you go through a cave with a save point. to the west after another cave there is a gate with a sign written in blood script. i don't know what it says, so that's my first question. The second is how do you open this gate? I have a feeling I have done it before but I can't remember and have no idea now. Any help?

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    that's what it says?

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    That's the gist of it if this is that door. At midnight on the night of a full moon that gate opens, and within you can pick up the 'lightning' spell (death from the sky, you know).
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    I just cleared out that place yesterday I think I had to read the sign on a full moon to get the door to open (it didn't seem to open automatically). The lightning spell is awesome

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