Thread: Game crashes at saving.

Game crashes at saving.

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    Game crashes at saving.

    I have ready 1.2. copy of DEIW and it immediately started crashing every time i try to save game or move from location to another... It doesn't show any error message, it just crashes to the desktop.

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    First, make sure you have the latest DirectX drivers for your hardware.

    Other than that, uninstall v1.2 and play without that. The update doesn't seem to support as many video drivers as the original did.

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    I have a copy of Deus Ex Invisible War that came patched to version 1.2. I've managed to play a little of the game but when I try and get out of the lab in the elevator the game crashes. It also crashes when I try and save (quick save and normal - although I did manage to quick save twice before it started crashing each time).

    Is it possible to uninstall the 1.2 patch?


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    With the copy you have, no. You'd need an unpatched version to start with.