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  1. Dead Games No One Played: Legacy of Kain Dead Sun

    Legacy of Kain Dead Sun - There was a time when Square Enix remembered it owned The Legacy of Kain series, and tried to do something new with it. Two phantoms spawned from it, one was Nosgoth, that...
  2. Gaming History : Hitman Game Series – "Assassination perfected"

    From it's inception, the Hitman Game series brought us a new and deadly form of puzzle game, which was then perfected with each iteration. With the release of a brand new title in the series, let's...
  3. Gaming History: Blood Omen Legacy of Kain "A beautifully wretched fantasy epic"

    Back when vampires were still cool, Blood Omen Legacy of Kain brought us one of the coolest, Kain. You’re not a hero, you’re a terror stalking the night, amoral, unfeeling, unconcerned with...
  4. Gaming History: Commandos "A classic that defined a style"

    In the year 1998, Commandos gave Real Time Tactics a new face and a style that became the standard for this genre for almost a decade. And now it's making a comeback.
  5. Deus Ex Mankind Divided BenchMark Max Settings (Directx 11) | i7-6700K | Radeon R9 39

  6. PlayNow : Hitman 2016 Episode 2: Sapienza

    How does the new Hitman map compare to the rest? I'll tell you this much, if the next ones are at least this good, this is going to be an amazing game.

  7. Gaming History : Anachronox – "One of a kind."

    Anachronox may seem like a silly game, but it will take you on a very interesting journey that you'll not soon forget.

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    PlayNow : Hitman (2016)

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