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  1. 99.88% play - Phanteon of the gods 87% I can not find a mission contact - HELP

    Hello everyone, I need a hand because I'm going crazy ..
    I wanted to complete the game 100% and unlock Perfectionist.
    All missions, artifacts, treasures ,,,, all areas 100% ..
    Except the secret...
  2. I forgot to buy the grappling hook and knife ... how can I do now? - HELP

    Hello everyone, I have completed the mission of '' finding the nuts '' but when I spoke to the last merchant I did not take the grappling hook and the knife ... how can I do now? Do I have to start...
  3. Strix RTX 2080ti - For the first time with Shadow of the tomb raider I got error DXGI

    Ciao a tutti ... Oggi mentre suonavo l'ombra del raid della tomba, ho ricevuto questo errore DXGI_ERROR_DEVICE_HANG ma senza artefatti o qualcosa del genere. Mi devo preoccupare? Devo ritirare la...
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