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  1. Can this PC run FF14 and it's expansions without issue?

    Question - would this PC be able to play FFXIV without issues?

    PC Specs Computer Memory Size16 GB Processor (CPU) ModelAthlon 64 Processor (CPU) Manufacturer AMD Processor (CPU) Speed 4.2 GHz...
  2. RTX 2080S FE or INNO3D RTX 2080S Twin X2 OC

    The title says it all, I can't decide on which one to go for.

    My question is: Is there other differences besides having a different cooler and design?

    I hear a lot about PCB Reference, binned...
  3. Is there a compiled list of the best versions of Final Fantasy and Dragon Quest?

    The Final Fantasy games and Dragon Quest games have been re-released numerous times, but (as is typical for Square and I guess Enix too) the newest version isn't always the best one. For example, the...
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