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  1. I have narrowed it down to the probabilities.

    This comes from an interview on DualShockers

    Square Enix is often known for keeping the release...
  2. My opinion of your tact. i am venting for a while.
  3. Final Fantasy VII Remake. not at PSX!

    The Final Fantasy VII Remake will not
    appear at Playstation Experience!

    What exactly did Sony And SquareEnix do when they announced the FFVII Remake at E3 2015?
  4. With the anniversary of Final Fantasy VII being...

    With the anniversary of Final Fantasy VII being released in the EU on November 17, 2017 there have been articles published that could be viewed as a tabloid source. i am including portions of this...
  5. Square Enix Forums

    Today is the start of Paris Games Week,
    Sony has said that there are twenty eight new games and game updates being shown in twenty minutes.
    So with 1:28 odds I should ask you the reader will we...
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    Sticky: Look what fell out of the Iifa tree!

    Announced and revealed at Tokyo Game Show Final Fantasy IX,
    For Playstation 4 is available worldwide.Here is an article by Kotaku.

  7. Emotional Response Anyone?

    December 18,1987. FINAL FANTASY

  8. Happy 20th Anniversary Final Fantasy VII...

    Happy 20th Anniversary

    Final Fantasy VII
    Comemoratingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner The...
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    Sticky: Happy Birthday

    Happy 20th Anniversary

    Final Fantasy VII
    Comemoratingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner The...
  10. Trolled

    The first title in the Final Fantasy VII Remake is complete!

    Cloud and how he became a member of Avalanche, Midgar, Sephiroth, Kalm, Junon, and....................
  11. The Prizes in Life

    How can a Troll justly abscond from their Troll'y responsibilities?
    as we all know knowledge is the greatest prize in the world so here is your prize

    I was...
  12. The Returners

    the year in review for SquareEnix,
    oh yes ask and we the fans did receive. this is the largest conducive shipment of titles from one studio in gaming history.
    since the release of Dragon Quest...
  13. The Square Enix Year in Review

    What i would like to see with the Final Fantasy VII Remake The Square Enix Year in Review

    Greetings and salutations to fans of all things SquareEnix!
  14. In honor of ALL LUCKY SEVENs and guest 7777 i...

    In honor of ALL LUCKY SEVENs and guest 7777
    i will be hosting a small prize give away.
    More to follow Happy Holidays.
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    "Pulchra Opera"

    Treasuringly Yours,
    Cid Steiner
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    Square Enix...
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    The Chase Goes On, Getting Closer!

  18. The Grand Regalia it is!
    The week of November 29, 2016 through December 4, 2016 was indeed Astralnomical,
    with the Titan Astral being unveiled and showcased in the Hollywood...
  19. Dragon Quest Heroes II

    "Olli Subridens"

    Smilingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner
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    The Day Belongs To Square Enix
    Today belongs to Square Enix regardless of my opinion, this title is a masterpiece worthy of patience and praise....
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    Congratulations and Reservations
    The international date line invalidates a world wide release structure,
    a large demographic of the fan base was left to wait while others...
  22. For Your Judgement or For Your Consideration

    We Must Choose Between Playing And Watching!
    Shall we Join The Lifestream Or The Grand Regalia?

    Address: Dolby Theatre, Hollywood & Highland, 6801...
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    Sticky: There is a large audience in North America and Europe for Dissidia Arcade/PS4!

    First, ...
  24. a first look at Dissidia Arcade's / Final Fantasy VII Remake Sephiroth

    "Gloriosa Generosa......SEPHIROTH!"

    Singingly Yours,
    Cid Steiner
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    Polyon article showing PlayStation 4 sales exceed forty million

    Sales of the PS4 are slow in Japan, ...
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