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    360 version compared to the rest?

    Hello all,

    I recently acquired an Xbox 360, and it's my only possible way to play Rise (my computer isn't up to snuff). How well does the 360 version of Rise stack up against the current-gen...
  2. Combat too easy, or does Lara need to get nerfed?

    After playing my fifth or sixth campaign in ROTTR, I decided to play Tomb Raider 2013, again. I think this is going to be my first time playing TR2013 in the hardest combat difficulty.
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    Best Stealth kills I've ever had

    Hey TR friends. I really wanted to share this highlight from my stream of the best stealth kills I've ever had in Rise. I think the difficulty was set to hard or something like it. I was even able to...
  4. Разочерование в игрушке Battlestations: Midway

    Всем привет!Когда смотрел журнал Игромания увидел игру Battlestations: Midway вроде прочетал про неё описали нормально и оценили её поставили 8 балов.Ну я обрадовался решил купить...
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