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  1. FF Type-0 HD enviromental graphics and textures rework petition

    maybe it's too late for this, but the game need to have a rework on the details of the scenarios, i mean, square is known for having great quality on his games, and this particular problem, along...
  2. ENDGAME activities for Kingdom Hearts III

    Yo guys, i've spend a lot of time playing KH2 and something that maybe we all know is that once the credits role, there's almost nothing to do aside boring things like finding treasures, and doing ...
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    Petition for japanese Starter Pack (1.5 + 2.5)

    Hi, i'm here cause i bought the starter pack from japan and i know that 2.5 it's still in japanese and that stuff but, 1.5 it's in japonese too so my petition is that Square Enix update the pack...
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