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    Square Enix please Collab with Nintendo again! Super Mario RPG Sequel Please!

    I was wondering if there were any possibility of Square Enix to work with Nintendo again. If so, I've been dying to see an Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven Stars Sequel! None of that Paper Mario...
  2. With FFVII coming out with a Remake, what other games would you want a Remake of?

    I'm SUPER EXCITED for the Final Fantasy VII remake! I just hope they don't make too many changes that would change my feelings about it. I love the old-school turn based battle systems, the new ones...
  3. Yeah, I really hope they stay intact. I really...

    Yeah, I really hope they stay intact. I really love the old school turn-based battle systems. I don't really like the new action battle systems that they use in the current Final Fantasy games. I...
  4. Final Fantasy IV New Generation Remake Please!

    Hey Guys,

    Ever since the Final Fantasy VII remake has been announced, I've been super excited for the release!! I really love the old school turn based RPG games over the newer Final Fantasy...
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