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  1. Can't play the "new" Trial version of XIV on PS4

    After downloading it I was able to play it on an account which I already used to play the 14-day Trial version about a year ago. However, after that, I tried to play it on an account I used to play...
  2. Please, make a great End-Game experience! Also, make worlds more lively!

    Gameplay-wise and graphic-wise it looks cool from what you've shown to us, thus far! (although I hope you'll balance gameplay well, so, for example, spamming: Summons, Flowmotion or Reaction Commands...
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    6) Online Mode! Give us a possibility to choose a...

    6) Online Mode! Give us a possibility to choose a fav character and play online Death Matches/Tounaments. It'd be so great, think about the possibilities!

    A total randomness like Axel VS...
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    Very important suggestions for KH3 (Please, Square - read it)

    Hey every1!

    (I made this thread mostly, because I'm a little scared for the future of KH series!)

    1. 1. I will refer to my fav KH game - KH2FM:

    I rly LOVED it, because of:

    1) it's...
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