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  1. Is a new tomb coming, after "The Path Home"?

    Will there be a new tomb or new playable content coming after "The Path Home" ?
    I've seen that there's another mysterious tomb in the list of the tombs.
    They are 8, should be 7.
  2. Strange story

    And also, Lara does a favor to her enemy, sounds strange.
  3. Amaru still alive at the end of the "Price of Survival" DLC?

    I think it's absurd because if you complete the main story, he shouldn't be still alive...

    I'm disappointed.
    Even a previous DLC talked about Unuratu as though she was still alive.
    The DLCs...
  4. "The free trial will be available on December...

    "The free trial will be available on December 6th".
    OK, curiosity satisfied.
    It's only for the people who haven't already bought the game.
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    PS4 Pro: I saw another glitch some time ago, so I...

    PS4 Pro: I saw another glitch some time ago, so I was not the only one:

    Abby was INSIDE the table in the scene from 00:49 to 00:59 just like in this...
  6. Version 1.09 for PS4 - Free Trial... of what?

    In version 1.09 for the PS4 there's a Free Trial functionality added, but free trial of what? Is it The Forge for the owners of the standard version of the game?
    Also, why aren't you updating the...
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    So in North America it's even worse. Anyway,...

    So in North America it's even worse.

    Anyway, in order to download it (out of North America, at the moment) the only place to go is searching for the Standard Edition in the PlayStation Store, it's...
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    Simplify the download of the DLC's please

    I hear many people complain that they can't install The Forge DLC.

    I own the Croft Edition on disc, I don't understand why I had to go to the Store to download it.

    If I didn't do this, The...
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