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  1. Bug report - Basch's hair no longer has physics

    To whom it may concern,

    Hello. I hope that you're doing well today. I've come with a bug report for Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age.

    It appears that, in cutscenes at least, the character...
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    They're weird, but if you were able to figure out...

    They're weird, but if you were able to figure out the original games' controls, you should be able to figure out The Angel of Darkness'.

    You move with the left analog stick. You press up, Lara...
  3. I fixed my Chapter Replay Elite problem.

    Hello again. I can't seem to post in my previous thread nor can I edit it, so I have to make a new one to update the situation. I deleted my save data and started over. I confirmed that, during...
  4. [PS4] Chapter Replay Elite--Lara is always on fire?

    Hello everyone. I decided to do my first Expedition the other day, and thought I'd use Chapter Replay Elite so I could more easily find Challenges. However, for some reason, Lara is always on fire....
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