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What are BB codes, how do I use them on the forums and which ones are available?

BB codes are special tags for inserting images and videos, formatting text, etc.

We have a wide variety of BB codes, including many custom ones. Click here for a list of all BB codes and examples of how to use them.

What user groups do exist and how do they affect my forum usage?

Registered User

New users with 0 or 1 post. Your PM box can hold 10 messages.

New Player entering the game.

Every newly registered user becomes a New Player after his second post.

Your PM box can hold 50 messages. You may also upload a custom avatar, create a forum signature and use signature images.


30 posts and 14 days of membership makes you a Gamer.

Your PM box can now hold 500 messages, you can vote in polls and create your own polls, and you can use hyper links, smilies and text formatting BB code in your signature.


1000 posts and 3 years of membership makes you a Protagonist.

Your PM box can now hold 2000 messages and you have a fancier user title.


3000 posts and 5 years of membership on this forum make you a true hero in our eyes.

Your PM box can now hold 5000 messages, you have the option to insert a Profile Picture and if you wish, you can contact an admin to request a custom User Title.


Since you can read this text, you are not banned, so the following won't apply to you.

Sponsored Time Out

Members who have been temporarily banned. The forum staff issues temp bans to those who have seriously and/or repeatedly broken the forum rules, yet still not in a major way which would deserve a permanent ban, and another chance will be granted once they had a little "cool off".

Permanent Vacation

Ex-members who have been permanently banned from these forums. This is done when members have majorly broken our rules (posting porn, racism, etc) or when they have been repeatedly warned about lesser violations (inappropriate language, flaming / trolling, rudeness towards the staff, etc) but don't stop.

Why do images not show up in my signature?

We have disabled the standard [img] tags in signatures. Images may only be inserted into signatures with the [sigimage] tags and need to be validated first.

These special tags are only available for members after they made 2 forum posts (anti-spam measure).

Go to your User CP > Edit Signature for more information on how to validate a signature image.

How does one become a moderator?

New moderators are chosen by the current staff when there is a need for one. If a forum is understaffed, a member who has a good track record of being polite, helpful and eloquent is usually approached privately by a member of staff with the question if he or she is interested in helping out keeping the forum clean.

So if you are interested in becoming a moderator here, the best way is to be a model member.

Members who ask to become moderators, though, are usually the ones ending up not being picked

How do I use the multi quote feature?

If you want to reply to multiple posts at the same time you can select the posts by clicking the multi quote button.

Examples: Multi quote Multi quote Multi quote

Once clicked, this button will change to indicate that you've selected the post.

Examples: Multi quote Multi quote Multi quote

When you finished selecting all posts you want to reply to, click the "Post Reply button" either at the top or at bottom of the thread page. All posts you selected will then be automatically quoted for you on the reply page.

What do certain abbreviations used on the forums mean?

Eidos Forums specific abbreviations and their meaning.

TOU / ToS = Terms Of Use / Terms Of Service; the forum rules (link)

ECC = Eidos Community Chat forum (link)

PM = Private Message

VM = Visitor Message

EM = Eidos Montréal

DX = Deus Ex

CD = Crystal Dynamics

TR = Tomb Raider

LOK = Legacy Of Kain

SE = Square Enix

SEE = Square Enix Europe

SELS = Square Enix London Studios

SEA = Square Enix America

SEJ = Square Enix Japan

CM = Community Manager

General forum abbreviations and their meaning.

OP = Original Poster; the person who started the thread

OT = Off Topic

sig = signature; a pre-defined text and/or image which appears under a member's post

devs = developers

QTE = Quick Time Events; quickly pressing a sequence of buttons during a cutscene

VTOL = Vertical Take-Off and Landing

IP = Internet Protocol (address); a computer's "telephone number" - OR - Intellectual Property; a game franchise

troll = a person intentionally being annoying or otherwise disruptive on a forum

RTFM = Read The Freaking Manual

POV = Point Of View

IMO/IMHO = In My (Humble) Opinion

QFT = Quoted For Truth

NVM = nevermind

AFAIK/AFAIC = As Far As I Know/As Far As I'm Concerned

BTW = By The Way

AKA = Also Known As

LOL = Laughing Out Loud

ROFL/ROTFL = Rolling On (The) Floor Laughing

LMAO = Laughing My Ass Off

ATM = At The Moment

IIRC = If I Recall Correctly

TBH = To Be Honest

bf/gf = boyfriend/girlfriend

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