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  1. Is there anyone on here that can help? I've submitted 2 trouble tickets on the same subject, both came back with canned responses with tips on improving internet service. Neither have anything to do with my issue. This is nuts.
  2. I moderate the message board. I'm not a developer and I don't have a direct line of communication to the developers.
  3. Are you all aware of the issues with Mankind Divided with regard to the most recent patch and playing New Game Plus??? I see a ton of posts on it but NO reply anywhere. I did see where the most recent patch was supposed to address screen freeze for Xbox and PS4, but I also see from the same people playing it did not, me included. I had no issue with my first play through, my screen freezing only took place after starting a New Game Plus. Are the dev's aware and is something going to be done about it?
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