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  1. Me and my name are the sole property of Square Enix. You must have mistaken me for someone else (there are plenty of magic books lying around after all).
    As for Dead Sun, the project did not live up to the expectations at that time.
    Concerning a new LoK game, for the time being I can say nothing more about it other than that there is a possibility. Post your thoughts and ideas on the Nosgoth and LoK sections here on the forums - the developers lurk in the shadows and see all.
  2. hi...i was wondering have i seen you on other websites before cuz that name looks very every been on a online gaming site byond?..its were people create fan games and host them so people can play..idk why but your name sounds familer..we ever chated on any website before not voice chat but typing back and fourth?...let me know if it crosses your mind..anyways..i heard square enix you guys were planing on making anther LOK game legacy of kain..50/50 chance from what i heard...and..i want to know why was dead sun cancled and is there any possable way to revive the project?..if not if the new one gets confermation of it being 100% undergoing devilopment and will need a realesse date planed what connsoles will it be for case all i have is a xbox hoping it will be for then just one connsole and not just the new gen like xbox one and ps4 but hoping it will also be for old gen xbox 360 and ps3...sorry if that was long..if your able to read it tnx ^^
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