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16th Jul 2009, 00:31
i was on youtube the other day and i was checking some videos that claimed they knew who was gonna be on the new batman game.
I came to one that showed pictures of a magazine, on the cover it had the jokers game face and it said welcome to the madhouse... it looked pretty legit
On the inside it had two pages that had a lot of "confirmed" villains names along with a lot of legit looking concept art
It was naming off all the definate villains along with mr. penguin, hush, mr freeze, killer moth, tweedledee and tweedledum, the riddler, two face, and others
also it had their decriptions and stuff.
i know that this community would know if this was real or not so tell me lol

16th Jul 2009, 00:35
As far as I know, there was concept art for a lot of different villains but whether they are all in the game or not has yet to be revealed.

16th Jul 2009, 00:57
Not all of them are confirmed villains. Some of them could be bosses, some of them are just referenced (Catwoman's cowl apparently being one, Penguin's umbrella being the other). So while they may be in the game by what that magazine said, don't expect all of them to appear for a confrontation.

16th Jul 2009, 01:19
I found http://kotaku.com/5315412/imdb-lists-more-characters-for-arkham-asylum this, but it being IMDB makes it less qualified.

On the same page I have found this http://www.wired.com/gamelife/2009/01/our-first-hand/

Anyway, long story short, Joker locks down the nut house and traps Batman in there with a whole host of petty thugs and most of the major villains from the comic book series. Yes, the Riddler is in there. And Harley Quinn is definitely in there — we saw her in the opening scenes, sexed up quite a bit more than the comics version. "She’s showing a little more skin than usual," said Whitman, unnecessarily.

Characters pulled from deeper in the Batman canon, like Killer Croc and Blue Beetle, also appear.

door noob
16th Jul 2009, 01:34
Like stated before some of them are just reference, when you discover an item that the criminal once possed you will most likely gain the concept art with the biography, i.e. Sir Sefton Hill, game director of Batman Arkham Asylum, stated that Catwoman will not appear in the game, however we saw concept art in one magazine of her and cowl, like said above, is a reference to her and if found you might gain the biography along with the concept art like everyother character has, on the lefthand side of the biography.

16th Jul 2009, 01:40
If the blue beetle was there, that would be lame