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15th Jul 2009, 22:12
Greetings all! How are you feeling now that we are nearing the home stretch for the big game release? I know it's rough, but we at Batmania Reviews (http://batmaniareviews.blogspot.com/) are here to keep you entertained until that magical day in August comes around! This week we have:

-Graphic Novel Review of Batman: Private Casebook by Jason Todd

-Comic Review of Batman: Streets of Gotham by Killer Croc

-"History of Batman in Video Games" Parts 3 and 4 featuring Guest Writer, Darkwing Duck!

-Upcoming Contest news!

That's not all though ... Villainous Friday's will also see an update (Killer Croc) plus maybe we'll have a surprise or two ...

I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome Poison Quinn to the Batmania Reviews family! She will be heading up a new feature called "Women of DC Wednesday's" (http://batmaniareviews.blogspot.com/2009/07/women-of-dc-wednesdays.html) where she will take an in-depth look at various femme fatales (some not so much ...) of the DCU! Don't miss out ...


15th Jul 2009, 22:15
That reminds me. I still gotta review Batman Begins and The Dark Knight.

Anyways, cool updates!

15th Jul 2009, 22:21
HaHa, yes! And I will mention those when you have them ready :D

Jason Todd
15th Jul 2009, 22:21
Great updates as usual, and contest news?! Dun dun dunnnnnn

Poison Quinn
15th Jul 2009, 22:22
Awww thank you thank you, ya'll are far too kind!

Now where is my private office?! :cool: jk
Thanks again for the opportunity.:)

15th Jul 2009, 22:57
Great updates as usual, and contest news?! Dun dun dunnnnnn

I wonder what they are!? :p